Custom/Helmet Stickers

Get your head in the game.

An excellent add-on sale, these stickers apply to almost any surface and are excellent for completing sports uniforms with helmet stickers.

  • Provide your own custom artwork or choose from the Easy Prints® Idea Book
  • Apply to almost any surface
  • HECC (Hockey Equipment Certification Council) compliant - great for helmets
  • Available in any size
  • Durable; water and fade-resistant
  • $25 minimum order
  • Calculate your cost with the CAD-PRINTZ® Pricing Calculator

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I ordered some stickers for baseball helmets; my customer asked if they will stick in their scrapbook projects.

Yes, our helmet/custom stickers will adhere to most surfaces, from sporting equipment to notebooks.

My customer wants small “reward” stickers to give out after each game?

Just let us know the size and the art needed and we can print these so your coach can present them to players for a win, or an outstanding play, much like Ohio State has the buckeyes on their helmets.

What happens if the sticker goes through the dishwasher?

For limited use, the stickers do last through the dishwasher. We have tested on a glass, plastic water bottle as well as a coffee mug through 10 wash/dry cycles and it did work great.

Will a window decal work on a plastic "shaker" bottle?

Yes, these would stick but we recommend the regular stickers because they may be able to mold better to a curved surface. The window decals are thicker but we'd be happy to send you samples of each for you to decide which you want to go with.

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