CAD-PRINTZ® Full Color Digital Transfer Types

Photo realistic, high-definition designs with an unlimited color palette.

CAD-PRINTZ full color digital transfers are available in a wide variety of transfer types, including matte and glossy finishes. Use Easy Prints® Layouts or send us custom artwork for an Easy Prints® Plus order.

The most economical full color digital transfer.

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The most versatile full color digital transfer.

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Full color digital transfer that blocks dye migration.

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What is the difference between CAD-PRINTZ® Opaque and Express Print?

Express Print can be heat applied to cotton, polyester, and cotton/poly blends and has limited stretch. Opaque works on these fabrics as well as many others such as Lycra®, spandex and nylon.

At what resolution should art be scanned for use in a Photo Print?

For Photo Prints we recommend a resolution of 300 dpi. This will be a large file if your art is a full 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Scanning at lower resolutions is ok but your image won't be as clear or sharp. This resolution also gives us the ability to resize your image without as much quality loss.

Can I put CAD-PRINTZ® Clear on colored apparel?

CAD-PRINTZ® Clear is recommended for white or light apparel only.

What happens to the white in my art when using CAD-PRINTZ® Metallic?

Any white in your design will be metallic silver in color on your printed transfer.

I’m decorating T-shirts with a full color design, what is the best product?

CAD-PRINTZ® Express PrintTM with it's one-step application, is an ideal choice for decorating cotton, polyester, and cotton/poly blends.

My customer wants a larger sample than what is on the Bid Kit. Is that possible?

Yes, you can order as few as one of any digital product in any size. There is a $25 minimum order for digital transfers.

Why is it necessary to pre-heat a garment before heat applying?

Pre-heating your garment removes the chemicals and moisture that may be in the garment due to manufacturing. Also, pre-heating assures a wrinkle free surface for heat application.

Can I order just one digital transfer?

Yes, you can order one digital transfer. Please note there is a $25 minimum order per design.

Will chlorine effect my prints?

Chlorine will not effect application but some types of chlorine, suntan lotion and even cleaning fluids used on wrestling mats may cause the colors to change. We recommend requesting a sample and testing prior to ordering.

If I send you a photo, can you turn it into a transfer?

Yes, we can make transfers from photos.

How long do digital transfers last?

Our digital transfers are made to last the life of the garment.

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CAD-PRINTZ Opaque Application Instructions

Learn how to heat print a CAD-PRINTZ Opaque heat transfer with a Hotronix heat press.

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