Heat Applied Transfers

The easiest & quickest way to decorate T-shirts.

Transfer Express has been The Custom Transfer Source since 1990, producing high-quality transfers with the fastest delivery in the industry. One-color screen printed transfers ship same-day and apply in as little as 4 seconds with just a heat press.

Use Easy Prints® layouts and clip art to create a custom design or send us artwork for an Easy Prints Plus order.

Choose from:

  • Custom screen printed transfers
  • Custom digital transfers

Choose from a wide variety of plastisol ink types.

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Full Color Transfers

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Photo realistic, high-definition designs with an unlimited color palette.

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Can I use a household iron to apply Transfer Express products?

We do not recommend applying any of Transfer Express' products with a household hand iron. We suggest using a heat press with adjustable pressure settings.

Which ink formula should I use?

All three of our products work on cotton, polyester, or a cotton/poly blend. The choice is based on the feel of the product. More information can be found here.

• Hot Split has a lighter, softer feel. It also allows you to do more with multi colors. Hot Split gold, yellow, tan and neon ink colors do not work on dark garments. All other ink colors will work on all other colors.

• Goof Proof® is your choice for a heavier feel. If using white, gold or yellow ink on a dark garment, we recommend Goof Proof for the heavier feel and opacity.

• Polytrans uses the same ink and adhesive as Goof Proof but is best used if you need to apply at a lower temperature.

• Use Elasti Prints™ formula for garments that stretch.

What is the shelf life of your transfers?

The transfers have indefinite shelf life when stored in proper conditions. It is not recommended storing them in areas with high humidity or high temperature.

How long does it take to get custom transfers?

Our products range from same day to up to 3 days for screen printed transfers from your art.

Please tell me the difference between a digital cad cut transfer and a custom heat press transfer.

All of our transfers are custom heat press transfers. Depending on your art and application you can order screen printed or digital transfers. Screen printed can be applied to cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends. It must be in spot color. Digital transfers can be put on the same in addition to many other materials. It can be spot or full process color, like a photo.

What is the best transfer for polyester fleece (ie. stadium blankets)?

All of our products will adhere. You will want to test the blanket with the heat to see how much it compresses the fleece. Just put a corner in the press for 340 degrees for 10 seconds and see what you think.

If I send you a design, do you re-size it for full chest or pocket prints or do I have to send it the size I want it to be?

We can re-size images. You do not need to send in the exact size unless it is a photographic image that may become pixelated if enlarged.

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