Hotronix® Heat Presses

A reliable heat press is essential to any successful heat printing business.

Featuring digital time, temperature, and pressure readouts, Hotronix heat presses are known for their industry-leading reliability and technological innovations.

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Advanced technology with the power of compressed air.

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Increases production on high-volume jobs.

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The world's only swinger/draw heat press design.

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An automatic press without an air compressor.

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Compact heat press for small imprint areas.

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Quickly and easily heat apply designs and logos onto caps.

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I’m on a tight budget, should I spend extra to get one of the Hotronix® heat presses?

A heat press is the only investment needed to get started in the custom apparel printing business and the key to your success. We recommend getting the best heat press your budget allows.

For very large men’s shirts, should the neck be used as a guide when applying chest prints?

We suggest using the neck seam as your guide. The neck seam will obviously be larger for this size shirt which will move the print over slightly. You still want to make sure that the print is not under the arm or on the side of the body. By following the neck seam you are guaranteed it will not be too far over.

After being on and not used for several hours, my Auto Clam shuts off. Is this a feature that can be changed?

The Auto Clam has a manual safety feature with an automatic shut off if the machine is idle for two or more hours. This feature cannot be disabled. Refer to your owner's manual for information on how to reset.

The upper platen on my Fusion is very loose. Should I tighten it?

The upper platen on most Hotronix® heat presses is designed to "float," which will make it appear to be loose. This is part of the design, allowing for even pressure.

Should the heat press be locked down while removing moisture or can you just hold the press down?

The heat press does not need to be locked down, but applying pressure does help to remove wrinkles. As long as there is heat being applied to the garment the moisture will be removed.

How do I prevent a dark garment from slightly bleeding through numbers or light colors? Is there too much pressure?

You probably have too much pressure being applied to the transfer. It could also be too hot. If using the Goof Proof® follow these suggestions one at a time for the solution:
- Decrease the temperature by 5 to 10 degrees.
- Decrease the pressure slightly.
- Decrease the time slightly.
- Press the transfers as a Polytrans (340 degrees for 10 seconds).

What are some of the indications that I may need a new heat press?

One of the main indicators would be certain areas of the applied design are peeling or not adhering fully to the substrate. When this happens it is usually from having cold spots within your heating element. A Heat Press Test Kit will identify the temperature of the four corners and center of the heat press.

You may also want to verify that you are getting even pressure throughout the platen. You can do this by placing four pieces of paper at each corner and then clamping down the upper platen. You should not be able to pull out the paper easily with the platen clamped down.

What are the available voltages of Hotronix® heat presses?

Hotronix Heat Presses are available in both 110V or 220V.

I am trying to reset the time and/or temperature on my Fusion but nothing happens. What may be causing this?

Make sure that you are in the proper screen to access time/temperature adjustments.

What is the difference between a silkscreen machine and a heatpress machine? Which one does better?

A heat press and screen printing equipment are two totally different ways to get the same result. We offer screen printed transfers that all you need is a heat press to apply. So we do the screen printing and you just apply with your heat press. Or you can go all in and invest in complete screen printing equipment to print yourself. You will need a burn unit, dryers, screen print stand, inks - so it is just an entirely different level of involvement and investment.

How far from the top of the waistline should you come down when starting a leg transfer?

This will vary depending on the size of the garment, but the transfer should be placed past the start of the inseam. We recommend starting just below that seam.

How do I know if I need a 110 or 220? Does it produce the same heat and everything else, no matter the plug?

In the US, the 110 will be most commonly used. It is based on the electrical needs where you will be plugging it in. It has no effect on the way the press works, it is your electrical hook-up. If you are in the home and using it in a regular outlet, you need 110. You would need special work done on your outlet to use a 220 (like your refrigerator and dryer may have this hook up).

Will you accept my old heat press as a trade in for a new larger Hotronix® press?

We don't take trade ins. You might try selling it on second hand markets. They seem to sell well if it is working.

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