Heat Transfer Foils

Add foil to your screen printed transfer for a fashionable custom look.

Apply a screen printed transfer with a heat press then position foil over the print and press again for a bold new look.

  • Adds color and shine to any area containing ink.
  • Use multiple foil colors or partially foil a design for a unique look.
  • Can be heat applied to Goof Proof® or Polytrans screen printed transfers.
  • Available in rolls and sheets.
  • One roll is enough to foil over 200 standard-size prints, as low as $.13 per print.

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Gold Shatter
Gold Shatter
Pink Zebra
Pink Zebra
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Translucent Oil Spill

Heat Transfer Foil

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Application At A Glance

  • Time
    30 Seconds
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Peel


Heat apply Goof Proof or Polytrans screen printed transfers according to specific directions.

Position & Press

Cut heat transfer foil into size desired and place color side up over transfer. Close heat press for 30 seconds and peel cold.

Care Instructions

For best results, turn garment inside out. Hand or machine wash on cold, delicate cycle, then line or air dry. For maximum durability do not place in dryer. Do not use bleach. Do not iron on printed area. Heat transfer foil is a vibrant, eye catching product, but its durability is not guaranteed to outlast the garment. Please use the product and set customer expectations accordingly.

The recommended time, temperature, and pressure settings are for Stahls' Hotronix® heat press machines. Settings on other heat presses may vary.

Application Tips

  • For best results, order an ink color close to the foil color you will be using.
  • Make sure the foil is completely cooled before removing from the transfer.
  • For a distressed foil effect, crumple foil in a ball and then flatten before pressing. To add an additional color tone, lay second color flat over distressed foil print and repeat the application.

Should I buy heat transfer foil by the sheet or roll?

The answer lies in the amount of items needed to foil. The sheets will cover 10 full size transfers and the roll 200 full size transfers.

Why is it necessary to pre-heat a garment before heat applying?

Pre-heating your garment removes the chemicals and moisture that may be in the garment due to manufacturing. Also, pre-heating assures a wrinkle free surface for heat application.

Is the Foil durable?

The foil product is a fashion print, and is not as durable as our other products. However, we recommend using a screen printed transfer under the foil in a similar color so that your custom print will remain durable. If you want fashion and durability consider our glitter or pearl prints which meet both requirements but are not as shiny.

Will the foil work on my screen printing with the plastisol ink or only with your heat transfer screen printing?

It works best with adhesive that is on our transfer. Request a sample to test.

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Foil Application Instructions

Learn how foil is applied to a Goof Proof transfer using a Hotronix heat press.

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