What are transfers?

In transfer printing, designs are printed onto a carrier, then applied to apparel using a heat press.

Heat transfer designs are great for small orders, especially if a customer will be ordering the same design more than once. Labor and cost can be reduced by outsourcing the creation of the transfers, and extra copies can be kept on-hand for future order fulfillment.

Heat transfers for T-shirts are perfect for on-site printing at sporting events, fairs, or other events. Customers can choose the size and color of shirt and have exactly what they want printed to-order. This allows for affordable shirts at a high profit margin, and it eliminates overstock of printed shirts.

Click on the links below to find out more about each type of transfer, and which will fit your needs.

What is a Heat Applied Transfer?

This video explains what a heat applied transfer is including screen printed and digital transfers. Heat applied transfers require a professional heat press to apply them.