Static Window Cling

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Personalize your car or truck windows by creating your own custom design or starting from any one of our Easy Prints® layouts. Customize the clip art, colors or fonts.

Static window clings and decals from Transfer Express:
- Available in any size and design.
- Choose from a white or clear static cling material.
- Adheres to any smooth exterior window, mirror, eye glasses, crystal, or clear store fronts.
- Made of durable water and fade-resistant construction.
- Sold in any quantity, from just one to more than 500.

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Call 1-800-622-2280 to order. $25 Minimum.

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Application Instructions

1. Clean surface to which the graphic will be applied.
2. Remove graphic from the carrier. The graphic can be applied from either side (for both indoor and outdoor).
3. Position and apply your graphic by hand to eliminate air bubbles during application.

Application Tips

  • Using on a window you need to see through? Use the clear backing for better visibility.

Should Static Clings go on the inside or outside of a window?

On interior windows they can go either way. For outdoor use, window decals would be a better choice.

When would you recommend clear vs white Static Clings?

The white media offers brighter and more vivid colors. The clear is recommended when a see through static cling is needed, such as an advertisement on a window front.

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