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Screen Printed Transfers, DTF Transfers, & More

Decorating Basketball Apparel

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When teams hit the hard court, your T-shirt business has great opportunity to score sales heat pressing custom transfers for uniforms, practice jerseys, fan apparel, and more. Watch video for basketball apparel ideas.

Basketball Uniforms

Decorate Uniforms for:

  • Junior high and high school
  • AAU, church, and other organizations
  • Adult and youth recreation leagues

Transfer Type Recommendations:

Names and Numbers Recommendations:

  • Use combination of digits 0-5 for team numbers (most leagues require)
  • Include player number on both sides of jersey (most common)
  • Front of jersey (high school leagues): Arch or straight team name plus number
  • Back of jersey (high school leagues): Player name and number

Tip: Ask your customer if the basketball uniform includes a decorative side panel. If so, your print may need to be a little smaller.

Common Names and Numbers Sizes

common size numbers for basketball uniforms

Add Player Numbers to Basketball Clip Art/Design

  • Customize practice jerseys, shorts, and warm-ups
  • Order 1"-3" number sizes with Express Names™ (enter player numbers instead of names)
  • Heat apply basketball design, position numbers, and press again

Reversible Practice Jerseys

  • Use cover sheet between layers to print on all four sides of jersey
  • Get price break: Order same transfer with color change
    (Ex: order of 10 white and 10 royal = 20 piece price break, plus color change)

reversible basketball jerseys

Cinch Sacks

  • For carrying game shoes (common league mandate)

Shooter Shirts

  • Popular for high school and travel
  • Use motivational phrase with custom transfer basketball layouts


  • Tops: Left chest (heart) design
  • Sweatpants: Left chest design on thigh or large design down side of pant leg

Coaches Shirts

  • Left chest logo
  • Use gang sheets to save on costs

Fan Wear Tips

  • Carry extra logos to sell as fan wear (T-shirts, rally towels, etc.)
  • Instead of player number, add "Mom" or "Dad" inside basketball clip art/design
  • Keep numbers in stock so fans can show support for their favorite players


  • Adapt basketball custom transfer layouts for tournament t-shirts
  • Use list layouts to add participating teams on back of t-shirt

Victory T-Shirts

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