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sales tax exemption


As required by recent changes in laws, we will soon be collecting sales tax in every state where Transfer Express is registered to do business.

Where required, sales tax will be calculated unless a valid tax exemption certificate has been received. If you have a valid tax exemption certificate, please register below within 10 days of order placement. This will ensure that your account is marked exempt for future orders.

All exemption certificates are subject to review and approval based on state and local laws. Feel free to contact us at with any questions.

Please note, Transfer Express does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. If required, please consult with a tax advisor.

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Tax Exempt Customer FAQs

1. Why did the tax-exempt transaction process change?

We’ve implemented a new system which has the ability for the customer to provide their exemption certificate and for us to maintain the customer’s tax exemption account information

2. How do I register and provide my exemption certificate?

Complete all sections of the form and submit. You will receive an email from with a link to access your exemption account, enter and upload your exemption certificate.

3. Will I be notified when my registration is completed, or my exemption certificate is approved in the Customer Exemption portal?

No. A customer will receive notification only if additional information is needed or an error has been detected with the registration or exemption certificate. Providing an email address during the registration process is the quickest way for us to notify you if additional information is needed. This email address will not be used for marketing purposes.

4. I am an exempt customer. How do I get a refund of sales tax that was already paid on an invoice?

Contact directly to process your sales tax refund request. If you register and provide your exemption certificate within 10 days of order placement, we will be able to process your request promptly. Having the approved exemption certificate on file will ensure that your account is marked exempt for future orders.

5. Who can I contact for more information on the Tax-Exempt process?

Email us at:

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