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Custom Screen Printed Transfers & More

Decorating Split Fronts

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Screen printed transfers from Transfer Express® are printed on release paper with gridlines that make heat-application to a split front jersey easy. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use these grid lines when decorating split fronts.

Pre-Order Tips:

  • For best results, use jerseys with buttons spaced 6" apart.
  • When ordering screen printed transfers, make sure the center of the design is sized to fit the jersey space that falls between two buttons.


Step 1

Cut the transfer/design in two. Usually, you will need to cut the design just left of the center so the cut matches the split front of the jersey.

Tip: Avoid cutting through a letter.

cut the transfer where the split will be

Step 2

Keep the jersey fully buttoned and place it on the bottom platen of your heat press. Adjust the pressure setting accordingly to compensate for buttons. Pre-heat the jersey.

split front baseball jersey

Step 3

Use the gridlines on the transfer to position the two halves of the transfer on the jersey. Then heat press the transfer onto the jersey.

Tip: Be sure to line up the edge of the transfer with the split.

place split transfer onto jersey

Step 4

Peel the release paper from the right side of the jersey only.

peel the release paper from the right side of the jersey

Step 5

Unbutton the jersey and open it, leaving only the left half on the platen.

unbutton the jersey

Step 6

Heat press the jersey again. Then peel the release paper from the left half of the jersey.

press and peel the remaining part of the transfer

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