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Custom Screen Printed Transfers & More

Designing Made Easy with Easy View®

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Easy View® Online Designer Training

Learn how to use the Easy View® online T-shirt designer from the basics to becoming an expert. Easy View is a free tool for Transfer Express® customers to use for creating custom screen printed and digital transfer designs that are applied with a heat press.

Below is list of blogs and videos that will help you get familiar with all the amazing features in Easy View. You can take full control of your t-shirt design!

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Easy View® Tips and Tricks

  • Fill the sheet in Easy View, put any additional designs in the empty space. Example: clip art, city name, monogram letters, mom, dad.
  • If making a cap size version of an adult layout, you may need to adjust the clip art to optimal printing.
  • Patterns can only be inserted into a single shape. Ungroup the clip art to find a single shape/piece to then apply a pattern.
  • To italicize text, click the circle on the text box and drag to the right slightly.
  • Hold the control key down while dragging an object, to see a red dashed line to show you when things are centered/line up.

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