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The Lean Logo Formula

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The Lean Logo Formula

The Lean Logo Formula apparel decorating guide

Developing a More Effective Way to Profit from Apparel Decorating

Are you printing apparel for little profit? Stop spinning your business wheels.

It’s time for your business to become lean, nimble, and focused.

The Lean Logo Formula, written by “the heat printing brothers”, Josh and Zach Ellsworth, is a must-read for your apparel decorating business.

With the help of the formula outlined in this book, you will maximize your earnings.

Join us as we walk you through the “better” way to build your apparel-decorating business, using the Lean Logo Formula.

The book consists of two main parts:

  • The pillars that the formula was built on
  • The secret recipe that shows you exactly how to do it

Our recipe will show you exactly what equipment, partnerships and sales tools you’ll need to successfully create your version of a Lean Logo-powered apparel printing business.

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