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t-shirt printing calendar ebook

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T-Shirt Printing Calendar

t-shirt printing calendar ebook

Get Printing Ideas for the Entire Year (Part 1 - January to June)

Timing is key when printing t-shirts.

Be ready to print and sell the shirts your customers want when they want them.

If you want to print shirts for events, sports, or other occasions, this ebook will guide you through when to start printing what items throughout the year.

  • See best-selling trends for each month
  • Learn when to start going after the business to stay ahead of the competition
  • Use money saving printing tips to keep your costs low and profits high

Never run out of printing ideas. This ebook is stuffed full for shirts to print for the first 6 months of the year. Then, be sure to get the second half of the year with The T-Shirt Printing Calendar: Part 2.

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