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the right heat press platen for your heat press t-shirt printing

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The Right Heat Press Platen

The Right Heat Press Platen Ebook

How to Choose the Best Platen for Any Heat Press Job

Printing t-shirts and other apparel is easy to do with just a heat press, screen printed transfers, and blank apparel.

You can print almost any apparel item with a heat press. The tricky part, though, can be when you’ve got seems, buttons, and other obstructions in the way of your flat printing surface.

Or if you’re printing on smaller items like tote bags, youth shirts, and other sized items, printing can be a little challenging.

This is where interchangeable platens come in to help you print almost anything with ease and improve your productivity.

With this ebook, you will learn:

  • Platen sizes for each heat press
  • Interchangeable platens and their uses
  • How to switch out a platen
  • Do’s and don’ts of platen covers
  • Keeping your platen clean

Get the ebook so you can improve your apparel decorating and get on the right track to working with heat press platens.

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