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Custom Screen Printed Transfers & More
CAD-PRINTZ Soft Opaque for stretchy materials CAD-PRINTZ Soft Opaque full color heat applied transfer

CAD-PRINTZ® Soft Opaque Digital Transfers

The most versatile full color digital transfer.

This transfer type has been discontinued and is no longer available. For an alternative transfer type, please use one of the UltraColor® transfers or you can still buy CAD-PRINTZ® products from STAHLS'.

CAD-PRINTZ Soft Opaque is a printable heat transfer with unlimited heat application possibilities. This digital transfer offers the most stretch and rebound of any transfer in our product line.

Can be applied to most fabrics and any color. Great for hats, tote bags, umbrellas, neoprene, leather, performance wear such as Under Armour®, T-shirts, and more.

  • Recommended Fabrics: cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, nylon, spandex/Lycra®

Artwork Guidelines

You can send us vector or raster artwork and we can print it as is or with adjustments.

For raster images, a resolution of 300 dpi or better is recommended at the size you would like printed.

Enlargements of your file can cause poor image quality. Images from the web are created at 72 dpi. These low resolution images don't print well.

Send us the best artwork that you have.

1. Size: Any size. Although not required, it is a good idea to send us your file at the size you want it printed.

2. Text: Convert all text to curves/outlines before sending.

3. Colors: Full color, digitally printed in CMYK. Specify if white areas in your image print white or are show-through. CMYK does not reproduce fluorescent or metallic colors. Convert RGB files to CMYK. Not all RGB colors can be rendered in CMYK. Images from the web are usually created in RGB colors.

4. Line Thickness: minimum of .1″ for white only areas.

5. Show-Thru Thickness: minimum of .1" for non-printing areas

6. Special effects: Stickers are printed in full color and may contain special effects, fades, shadows, shading, and photographic images.

We accept the following file types:


  • Adobe Illustrator® - all versions
  • Adobe Acrobat® (PDF) - all versions
  • Jpgs (photos) - all versions
  • Photoshop® - all versions

Tips / Application


Please check transfers carefully before heat-applying.

Pre-Heat Garment

First, place the garment on platen, heat press for 3-5 seconds or until there is no more steam to remove wrinkles and moisture. Ensure there are no obstructions such as buttons, pockets, or seams. If there are, raise only the print area with a Print Perfect Pad.

Peel Hot

Open the press and peel the carrier in a smooth, even motion.

Note: The recommended time, temperature, and pressure settings are for Stahls' Hotronix® heat press machines. Settings on other heat presses may vary.

  • time icon

    15 Seconds

  • temperature icon


  • pressure icon

    Medium/Firm 6-8 (60-80 psi)

  • peel icon


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