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Custom Screen Printed Transfers & More
transfer placement guide for heat printers

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Logo Anything: Heat Printing Placement Guide

logo placement guide for heat printers

Gain Confidence to Print Anything Anywhere

Printing apparel can be nerve racking at times.

Trying to make sure that you are placing images and logos in the correct spot, each and every time can be tedious and time consuming.

Not to mention the worry that comes with it of what your customers might think.

Well that comes to an end now with this ebook.

Get the confidence and knowledge so you can:

  • place a logo in the correct spot every time
  • print in trendy locations on the apparel
  • know that you’re going to have a happy customer
  • get tips to make sure you’re successful.

After reading this guide, you’ll know where to place it and how to profit from each job, with more confidence.

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