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Special Layouts

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Use these special layouts to help you design for:

  • shirt tags
  • signature shirts
  • class list shirts
  • and shirts with leagues or sponsors

Shirt Tag Layouts

Create a gang sheet of 30 unique shirt tags at 1.75″ width.
Duplicate the layout or change the size and details as needed to fill the sheet.
Recommended for 1-color, Goof Proof® transfer type.

shirt tag label layouts
shirt tag label


  • For optimal printing, use the font and sizes in the layout.

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Signature Layouts

Signature t-shirts are perfect for a class, team, or company.
A layout template will be mailed to you to collect signatures.
The $25 deposit will be deducted from the Easy Prints® Plus order when the signed template is returned.

class signature shirt design template
class signature shirt design


  • Use a medium felt tip pen when signing the template.
  • Do not sign in the gray area of the template.

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Class List Layouts

Each layout is designed with the recommended name count.
Add names directly into the layout in Easy View.
1-color orders placed by 3 pm ET ship next day.
Phone orders of 10 or more names will have a typesetting fee, $0.40 per name.

class list shirt design


  • If the list exceeds the recommended name count, split it into 2 designs, front and back.
  • Names print best as ALL UPPERCASE, some letters may close up.
  • Import a single column .txt file into Easy View as text, adjust the size as needed.
  • Copy and paste names into the “import window” in Easy View.
  • Recommended fonts: Arial, Arial Narrow, Helvetica Cond, Avalon, & Futura

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League & Sponsor Layouts

  • Best for when you need more than 5 of a sponsor or name.
  • Single lines of text stretch the full width of the layout.
  • Multi-line text layouts stretch the full width based on the widest line.

league layout example


  • In Easy View® online t-shirt designer, you can adjust your widths for each sponsor line as needed.
  • Height can be adjusted but must fit in the 11.25" x 14" sheet with room to cut.

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