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CAD-CUT Chalkboard

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Product Information

CAD-CUT® Chalkboard Customize and personalize instantly with Chalkboard HTV Make any shirt into a chalkboard with this innovative heat transfer vinyl. Using standard chalk*, write or draw messages and pictures on the unique surface, then simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth for repeated use. It’s like a portable chalkboard that can be applied to garments and accessories, for easy, wearable customized messaging! *Use only dry chalk with this product; chalk markers or crayons may leave residue. Features: • Wipes clean with a damp cloth • Low-temperature application – great for heat-sensitive fabrics • Thin, with a soft hand • CPSIA certified—safe to use on children's clothing • 95 microns/.095 mm thick • Polyurethane (PU) composition • Can be applied with any heat press, standard home iron, or Cricut® EasyPress™ • Can be cut on any vinyl cutter Layering: Not recommended for multi-layer applications Applies to: Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Poly, Cotton/Poly Blends

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