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Special Effects for Layouts

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Distress is an easy way to make your design look vintage.

You can add distress to any layout you want to, but since distress is the absence of ink, it works best with layouts with large areas of ink.

If the design has small detail or small text, it may get lost in the distress.

There are 5 distress patterns available to choose from: Rain, Splatter, Grunge, Leather, and Crackle.

ink distress patterns for apparel artwork

Distress patterns work best with our standard inks - Goof Proof® and Hot Split Retro.

Due to their viscosity, some of the specialty inks spread a little more, causing distress patterns to lose their effectiveness.

Elasti Prints®, Pearl Prints™, and Glitter are not recommended to use with distress effects.

Simbroidery™ - Add a Simulated Embroidery Look

With the new Simbroidery™ effect, realistic looking stitches give a clean embroidered appearance to your artwork.

simbroidery effect example

Simbroidery can be added to any full color transfer type including:

  • UltraColor™ Soft (SLM)
  • UltraColor™ Stretch (and Stretch Blocker) - coming soon!
  • all of the CAD-PRINTZ® digital transfers
  • all of the CAD-PRINTZ® decals, banners, wall graphics, and window clings

Simbroidery is a perfect effect for hats, small chest logos, jackets, and bags.

It is a visual effect only. There are no textured stitches added. It has no added cost to your digital artwork or digital transfers.

How to Add Simbroidery to Your Transfers

When using Easy View:

  • Click on the Special Effects drop down in the lower left corner.
  • Click on the checkbox for Simbroidery.
    Note: you must have a digital, full color transfer option chosen for this to be available.

When uploading your own art on the Upload Page:

  • Add in the notes that you would like Simbroidery.