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Hotronix Auto Open Clam heat press Hotronix Auto Open Clam heat press Hotronix Auto Open Clam heat press Hotronix Auto Open Clam 6x6 heat press Hotronix Auto Open Clam heat press controls

Hotronix® Auto Open Clam

An automatic press without an air compressor.

Featuring digital time, temperature, and pressure readouts, this space-saving heat press opens automatically without an air compressor.

  • Space-saving clam shell design.
  • Over-the-center magnetic assist lock down feature.
  • 110 volt standard (220 volt available upon request).
  • Go portable with the Heat Press Caddie™ Stand. (Not available for the 6 x 6 size)
  • View our Starter Packages.
  • Comes with the Hotronix 24/7 Blue Ribbon Support.

To make sure you're getting a Hotronix®, look for the blue!

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Canadian customers please contact Stahls' Canada at 1-800-521-5255 to purchase a heat press.

Delivery Time

  • Due to popular demand of our heat presses, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery upon ordering.
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Styles Available

Hotronix Auto Open Clam 11x15

  • 11" x 15": 10 Amps / 1000 Watts
  • 11" x 15": 36" x 25" x 21"
  • 11" x 15": 72 lbs. ship weight

Hotronix Auto Open Clam 16x16

  • 16" x 16": 20 Amps / 1800 Watts
  • 16" x 16": 36" x 25" x 21"
  • 16" x 16": 90 lbs. ship weight

Hotronix Auto Open Clam 16x20

  • 16" x 20": 20 Amps / 1800 Watts
  • 16" x 20": 36" x 25" x 21"
  • 16" x 20": 100 lbs. ship weight

Hotronix Auto Open Clam 6x6

  • 6" x 6": 3 Amps / 360 Watts
  • 6" x 6": 21" x 10" x 18"
  • 6"x6": 41 lbs. ship weight

Technical Specifications

Hotronix Premier Warranty

  • Lifetime Warranty on Heating Element
  • 5 yr on Framework
  • 2 yr on Circuit board
  • 1 yr Parts/labor
  • Patented magnetic auto open feature
  • Digital time, temperature, and pressure controls
  • 3/4" thick coated non-stick upper platen
  • Patented magnetic assist lock down
  • Wide opening for easy layout
  • Quick-change lower platen
  • Platinum RTD heat sensor
  • Space-saving clam shell design
  • Over-center pressure adjustment
  • Twin Timers
  • Smooth shock opening
  • UL/ULC/CE/ROHS approved
  • °F or °C available
  • Temp. range 205° - 420°F
  • Available in 110 volt or 220 volt
  • Cast-in tubular heating element every 2" to ensure the absence of cold spots


I’m on a tight budget, should I spend extra to get one of the Hotronix® heat presses?

A heat press is the only investment needed to get started in the custom apparel printing business and the key to your success. We recommend getting the best heat press your budget allows.

What is threading?

Threading is a different way to place the shirt on the platen (dressing the platen). It means putting the bottom platen inside the shirt or hooded sweatshirt so that just one layer of fabric is on the press instead of laying the garment down flat so that both layers are on the press. This helps if you are doing garments that have seams on the opposite side, like a pocket or buttons. If placing a transfer on the back of a hooded sweatshirt it is better to “thread” the sweatshirt. This is so the pocket seams on the front of the sweatshirt are not interfering with the transfers. This is also done with applying to the back of pocket t-shirts, polos with buttons, etc.

Should the heat press be locked down while removing moisture or can you just hold the press down?

The heat press does not need to be locked down, but applying pressure does help to remove wrinkles. As long as there is heat being applied to the garment the moisture will be removed.

My heat press machine starts to heat but then stops. What should I check?

Verify if your machine is in the set temp or set time modes. This could be causing the heat press to stop heating.

Sometimes when I lock down my Auto Clam it releases too soon. Any suggestions?

If you can't get your heat press to stay closed, there may be too much pressure or the round magnet on the adjustment arm may need cleaning. Check with the manufacturer.

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