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Designing With Patterns & Effects In Easy View Online Designer

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Hey Friends! Dave here with Transfer Express, and today we’re talking all about how you can easily apply and edit patterns in the free Easy View online designer at Transfer Express!

You don’t have to be a Photoshop whiz to create retail-quality designs in Easy View. With a simple interface, thousands of customizable layouts and powerful tools right at your fingertips, you can say goodbye to expensive subscriptions. Ready? Let’s dive in.

It’s super simple to design t-shirt graphics in Easy View online designer. Now I should mention, I come from a graphic design background with Adobe Illustrator being my main weapon of choice for designing t-shirt graphics.

However, the vast majority of t-shirt designs I get asked to do are quite simple with maybe a curved text here and there with some images tossed in the middle. Which is pretty quick to whip up in Illustrator, maybe 20 minutes after finding the right font and setting the paths to align the text to.

In Easy View online designer, I can browse through some layouts in just a couple minutes and find one I can easily edit - saving me time, and in any business, time is money.

Even for more complex ideas and graphics, not having to build everything from the ground up saves a whole bunch of work. And utilizing the Easy Prints® Idea Book™ from the Transfer Express Marketing Kit, you can narrow down some design ideas with your customer to make designing even easier. All of the layouts in the Idea Book are coded for easy access to the layout in the online designer, leaving you just a couple clicks to change the information.

Easy View is 100% browser based, so it works on any computer, tablet or even phone - no superpowered computer needed. Of course, if you’re creating artwork in Illustrator or other design programs, you can totally upload your artwork, too! Vector artwork uploads into the designer with many of the same native controls and editability as Illustrator or CorelDraw will give you.

With that being said, I want to show you how you can customize your artwork using the patterns available in Easy View online designer. So let’s head over and click over to order transfers to get into the designer. This designer is free, however, you’ll need a Transfer Express account to access it. It’s free to register and you won't need a credit card, tax id or business license to get setup.

Patterns in Easy View online designer allow you to add patterned or textured effects as a fill color for almost any artwork. It’s worth mentioning patterns work best when they are added to larger areas of clip art and text. That way, more of the pattern is visible and recognizable.

  • Where to find patterns [edit menu]
    • How to add:
      • Select clipart
      • Ensure its ungrouped (object>ungroup)
      • Add pattern to selection
      • Pattern selections change based on transfer type selected (screen print vs full color print method)
    • How To Edit
      • With selection, swatches adjust on some editable patterns
      • Can be used with screen printing or single-color (like foil transfers)
      • Clear pattern button removes pattern
      • Can combine with outline effect to create border around clipart

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to create artwork using patterns in Easy View online designer. Regardless of what print method or transfer type you’re using, adding and editing patterns can add that little something extra that makes your artwork unique.

If you’re interested in more heat printing tips be sure you’re subscribed to the Transfer Express YouTube channel- we’re dropping new helpful videos every week: everything from application tips, t-shirt business ideas, new apparel trends and so much more. Until next time, I'm Dave, happy pressing!

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