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How To Print T-Shirts Easier: Must-Have Heat Press Accessories

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Hey Friends! Dave here with Transfer Express, and today, we’re diving into some tools to help you reduce misprints and ensure for frustration free printing, allowing you to confidently use that heat press of yours to maximize your profit!

That’s right, we’re talking about the Heat Press Application Kit from Transfer Express!

Chocked full of must-have accessories for anyone printing t-shirts and decorating apparel with a heat press, this kit include a placement ruler, heat press test strips, cover sheets and yeah, even a real-life sizing and placement guide for t-shirts! All that and more - are are you ready to maximize the power of your heat press?

Let’s get to it!

Here at Transfer Express, we’re all about helping apparel decorators, small businesses and side hustles thrive.

A key ingredient in any business, but especially the printing industry, is consistent, repeatable results, every time. When that expected result doesn’t turn out like it should, it costs time, money, ruined t-shirts, and of course some hair-pulling frustration.

We know how it feels, so that’s why we packed up all the tools we always reach for at the press into this one kit, built to help you print like the pro you are!

Let’s open this box up and see what we’ve got inside!

Heat Press Test Strips: First up, these heat press test strips here are the most accurate and cost effective way to measure the real temperature of your heat press, during an application.

Sure those IR temperature thermometer guns get you super close, but with the non-stick coating that's on a lot of heat presses these days, you're not going to get that accurate of a measurement.

With the heat press test strips, you could follow the QR code that was on the guide that came with your application kit for the full instructions on how to use, or you could click this link right here to jump on over to that video of how to accurately use these heat press test strips. 

It’s actually quite easy: all you have to do is peel each one of these off and stick a test strip to a piece of paper and position in the corners and the middle for an accurate reading of the temperature of your heat press when locked and closed. Inspect the test strips afterward and you’ll see exactly where your temperature is at.

Placement Ruler: This handy placement ruler is a go-to for many apparel decorators when placing prints on a t-shirt.

Marked with a centerline and guides for those tricky left and right chest placement, the collar shape lines up perfectly to those popular crew neck styles and helps you place your artwork accurately. Designed to place the print for center-chest and full front locations just in the right spot, all you have to do is line the top of your transfer up to the bottom of the ruler and your print is good to go! Be sure to remove the ruler before you close the press. Plastic and 300+ degrees don’t get along all too well.

Cover Sheets: The application kit here includes a whole pack of 12.5" x 15” heat press cover sheets. These sheets are awesome to have on hand when you need to apply any decorations to the same side or close to an already printed graphic on the garment. Specifically designed for use on the heat press, they’re free from coatings or wax, so ensure your prints won’t stick nor any residue gets on your apparel.

Now, as long as they stay clean these paper cover sheets are reusable and don't block the 10 to 15, sometimes even 20 degrees, of heat like the thicker pads and the silicone cover sheets do. Even if you do get some ink or adhesives on them, just pull a new one out of the pack of 10, you’ve got plenty!

Mousepad: Next up, we've got our mouse pad! Now, if you followed along with us for a little while, you'll know how much we love these. They're such a low cost and easy way to raise the printing areas around seams, collars or buttons and allow you to achieve that medium to firm pressure that printing methods like screen printed transfers require.

This is all without any higher expenses with accessories like the specialty platens or heat printing pillows that soften that pressure way too much for transfer that require over medium pressure. (Don’t get me wrong, those interchangeable platens are sweet and really make printing easy and fast, but, if you’ve just got a small run of say onesies, it’s much more economical this way.)

These mouse pads can be easily adjusted under garments and placed, or even cut to the specific size, you need making them perfect for onesies, polos, printing in or around hoodie pockets or even the hoods themselves!

Posters: Enclosed, you’ll find two posters here for reference. One being the What To Use When guide and the other, an easy-to-reference application settings poster.

Never guess on an application again! This chart includes the recipe of correct time, temperature and pressure for all Transfer Express transfers, including the most popular Goof Proof screen printed transfers as well as the #1 direct to film transfer: UltraColor Max.

The What To Use When chart is a great reference for when you’re looking to use the right transfer for the right job. Broken down on the side, you’ll see the number of colors in your artwork and along the top, the pieces needed. So say, 36 total quantity here, with a 2 color print, we should be using a screen printed transfer for best cost, and maximum profit. 6 or less pieces with a 4+ color logo? UltraColor Max direct to film transfers are going to be the best way to go! To aid in easy applications too, you’ll see some specific transfers for fabric options in the fine print. Printing screen printed transfers on 100% polyester? Elasti Prints is going to be what you’re looking for. Or printing on nylon? Check out UltraColor Stretch down here in the purple, or in limited color- STAHLS’ Gorilla grip for a Cad-Cut heat transfer vinyl option.

Placement / Sizing T-Shirt: The newest addition to the Application Kit, is the Sizing and Placement T-Shirt. This shirt is an incredible tool to keep around when meeting with your customers, to show off locations or print sizes, or when you’re at the press.

With standard print sizing, like 11 x 11” or a max area of 4.5 x 4.5” for left chest prints, you have a real-life reference guide to help you not only size your designs, but even shows you reference points down the centerline of the garment.

$10 Off Coupon: To top it all off, you’ll get a $10 credit automatically applied to your Transfer Express account that you can use towards your next order, to get you off and rolling with making perfect prints.

Everything included here we covered today is packaged all together in the Application Kit for just $35. This kit will easily pay itself off in the time it saves you alone, or the frustration it can save if you’re just starting out!

Pick up your own kit here!

With the new year off and running, let’s make it your best year yet! We’ll be here to help and root you on every step of the way, with education, inspiration, t-shirt business tips and so much more!

We’re kicking out new videos every week on the Transfer Express YouTube channel, so if you’re not already subscribed, what are you waiting for?!

As always, we’re happy to help in any way we can for the apparel decorating community, if you need to reach us you can always call or email.

Until next time, I'm Dave, happy pressing!

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