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Screen Printed Transfers, DTF Transfers, & More

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Looking for more information on growing your t-shirt business or learning other topics on heat printing? You've come to the right place!

Branding Success Guide

Download the Branding Guide to learn how to enhance your customer's branding with a unique decorating approach.

Fanwear Trend Guide

Download the guide, Fanwear Trend Guide, to see plenty of ideas and inspiration complete with techniques and items used.

Printing Money on Demand

Download the ebook, Printing Money on Demand, to learn everything you need to know about direct to film and how you can profit from printing on demand.

Apparel Industry Trade Shows

Download the ebook, Industry Trade Shows, to learn what to expect from going to a show, the benefits, and how to prepare so you get the most out of a trade show.

Fundraising for Apparel Decorators

Download the ebook, Fundraising for Apparel Decorators, for help guiding through the market of fundraising and how it can be a mutual opportunity for both you and your customer.

Heating Up the Holidays with Heat Transfers

Download this ebook, Heating Up the Holidays, for plenty of inspiration for gifts and decorations to print for the holiday season.

All About Hoodies

Download this ebook, All About Hoodies, to learn all of the considerations to take printing hoodies, from start to finish.

Selling T-Shirts at Craft Fairs

Download this ebook, Selling T-Shirts at Craft Fairs, to learn how you can get the most out of your next craft fair selling custom printed apparel.

The Ins and Outs of Gang Sheets

Download this ebook, The Ins and Outs of Gang Sheets, to learn how you can reduce your print cost and increase your profit using transfer gang sheets.

Patterns and Effects in Easy View

Download this ebook, Patterns and Effects in Easy View, to learn all of the patterns and effects that you can add to your art using Easy View to take your designs to the next level.

Setting Up Your Workspace

Download Setting Up Your Workspace to see how you can make a small space efficient for printing t-shirts and allow for maximum productivity.

15 Sizzlin' Summer Ideas

Download 15 Sizzlin' Summer Ideas to get ideas and tips on several summer custom t-shirt opportunities. Summer is packed full with events, and most of them involve t-shirts.

Selling Your T-Shirts on Etsy

Download Selling Your T-Shirts on Etsy to learn everything you need to know for success on Etsy. Etsy is a large e-commerce platform that is perfect for selling your printed shirts. Make sure you are getting the most out of it with this ebook.

7 Money-Saving Insider Secrets

Download the 7 Money-Saving Insider Secrets to learn how to reduce your printing costs and increase your profit margins. These tips are used by some of the most successful t-shirt businesses. You will see savings immediately on your next order.

Easy View Playbook

Download the Easy View® Playbook for help using our online designer, Easy View. Learn how to choose a layout, add text and clip art, add effects, change ink colors, and more!

After reading the guide, you'll be creating amazing custom t-shirt artwork in no time!

Unlock Your Max Potential with UltraColor Max

Download the ebook, Unlock Your Max Potential, to see how the new direct to film transfers fit into your printing options for your apparel decorating business.

Deck the Halls with Transfers

Download Deck the Halls with Transfers for lots of ideas and inspiration of t-shirts, hoodies, and gifts you can print for the holidays.

The Lean Logo Formula

The Lean Logo Formula: a must-read for your apparel printing business. Written by "the heat printing brothers", Josh and Zach Ellsworth, you'll learn the recipe to build a better apparel decorating business to maximize your profit.

T-Shirt Printing Calendar - Part 2

If you liked Part 1, now you can download the sequel: T-Shirt Printing Calendar - Part 2! See tons of printing ideas and trends for each month for the second half of the year, July to December.

Win the Baseball and Softball Business

Download Win the Baseball and Softball Business ebook to learn how you can print baseball and softball uniforms for every age and skill level, along with other baseball apparel that gets even bigger profits.

T-Shirt Printing Calendar - Part 1

Download our ebook, T-Shirt Printing Calendar, to get printing ideas and trends for each month, while also learning when to start selling for each occasion or event. Don't miss another printing opportunity with this ebook.

The Right Heat Press Platen

Download our ebook, The Right Heat Press Platen, to learn all about interchangeable platens, and why they help improve your heat printing capabilities and productivity.

How to Create Great T-Shirt Designs that Sell

Download our ebook, How to Create Great T-Shirt Designs that Sell, to learn all the basics of design terminology for apparel decorating, what makes a great t-shirt design, and how to create them.

Printing Licensed Logos

Download our ebook, So You Want to Print Licensed Logos?, to learn what it takes to get a licensing agreement, and to explore creative ideas to support your favorite team or organization.

Heat Transfers for the Holidays

Download our guide for 25+ Christmas gift ideas and inspiration that you can print with your heat press and transfers.

Logo Anything: Heat Printing Placement Guide

Download our heat printing placement guide ebook. Gain the confidence to place your transfer image in the correct spot every time with some added tips for special placement locations.

Taking Your Craft Hobby to a Business

Download our ebook, Taking Your Craft Hobby to a Business. If you want to take the next step to make some extra money from your apparel decorating, this ebook will guide you through the steps to take to get there.

Apparel Decorating Business Survival Guide

Download our ebook, Apparel Decorating Business Survival Guide. In it, Josh Ellsworth explains how to create an online web platform, a successful work-from-home plan, collaborating with your community, and gaining loyalty after the pandemic.

The Heat Printer's Ultimate Guide to Fabric Types

Download our ebook, The Heat Printer's Ultimate Guide to Fabric Types, to know which transfer to use with each type of fabric.

Shirt Tag Label Guide

Download our ebook, Shirt Tag Label Guide. This ebook will help guide you through the process to get the most out of your own shirt tags so you can use them to grow your t-shirt business.

10 Things to Know for Heat Printing at Events

Download our ebook, 10 Things to Know for Heat Printing at Events. This ebook will help you plan everything you need to make your next onsite event a successful day of heat printing.

5 Ways to Grow Your T-Shirt Business

Download our ebook for 5 ideas for growing your t-shirt business.

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