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10 Tips for Printing T-Shirts With Heat Transfers

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Whether you're a beginner or a pro printing t-shirts with heat transfers, we're covering some easy success tips to help you print frustration free, reducing waste and misprints, while of course helping you profit!

Using heat transfers to decorate apparel is the lowest cost, highest profit margin method to produce retail-ready printed t-shirts for your brand, online store or even custom orders.

Join Dave as we cover some of the most helpful tips and tricks compiled from the team here at Stahls - the leaders in all things heat printing.

In addition to helpful application and pressing tips, we'll also cover some commonly missed ordering and prep tips to help every project print smoother!

Watch as we cover the following tips.

Ordering tips:

  1. Extra sheets
  2. Gang sheets
  3. Transfer Selector Tool
  4. Shipping groups
  5. Measure twice, print once

Application tips:

  1. Follow instructions with transfers
  2. Aligning t-shirts onto the heat press
  3. Aligning transfer on shirt
  4. V-neck alignment
  5. Raising print area