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How To Fix Scorched Polyester Shirts (This Actually Works)

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Don't throw out that scorched shirt! You CAN fix it!

We've all been there before, heat printing shirts and bam, the dreaded scorched polyester or press box. That's usually when the heart-racing panic starts - "I can't sell this to my customer like this!".

Well, thanks to Dave and Transfer Express, you can take a deep breath and fix that garment.

Seriously, there's no snake oil or remedies that don't work here (trust us, we tried them all, from peroxide to sunlight). We've been searching for years for a solution that works on all the different kinds of fabric, well, we found it and needed to share it with you.

While the best practice is to avoid scorching your heat sensitive garments all together by choosing the right temperature heat transfer for your fabric, this is one tip that is going to make a world of a difference for those "oops" moments.

Odds are, if you're here, it's already too late to avoid it, but you can fix it and salvage that scorched shirt. This is one hot tip that can help save you frustration and scorched t-shirts with just a minute of your time.

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