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How To Apply UltraColor® Pro | Digital Screen Printed Heat Transfers

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Ultracolor Pro is the latest evolution in the UltraColor® heat transfer family for full color printing, limitless colors, fine detail and free floating text, perfect for higher quantity orders.

With an improved application process, UltraColor Pro maintains the great durability and high opacity prints you’ve come to expect from all of the different types of heat transfers in the UltraColor line, with an easy and effortless hot peel.

For cotton or 50/50 garments, we'll set the press to 340 degrees and then we'll set our time to 10 seconds.

If you're printing on 100% polyester like we are today, we'll set our press to 290 degrees and the time to 15 seconds. We recommend increasing the temperature by 10 degrees if you are not using a Hotronix heat press.

Now, we'll take our garment and load it onto our heat press. We'll pre-press our garment for three to five seconds to remove any moisture and wrinkles.

Next, we'll position the transfer on the garment with the ink side facing down.

Then, we'll press with a firm pressure, or around 70 psi on a Hotronix press.

UltraColor Pro is a hot peel so remove the carrier hot immediately when the press opens, leaving behind a quality full color print.

While UltraColor Pro is designed as a single step application, on some garments you may notice the clear adhesive outline. To reduce this, just cover your print with the included paper cover sheet and press the transfer again for four to six seconds.

Now your UltraColor Pro transfer is applied.

For maximum lifespan, store your transfers in a resealable bag with the gel pack in a cool dry location out of extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and away from moisture.

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