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Introducing UltraColor® Pro | Full Color Digital Screen Printed Heat Transfers

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Hey Friends, Dave here with Transfer Express, and today I’m very excited to tell you all about the brand new UltraColor® Pro full color heat transfers!

That’s right, the latest evolution of the UltraColor line is here! In this video we’ll be going over the new features, how it fits in with UltraColor Max, Soft, and Stretch as well as how to order your transfers. Then we’ll even print a shirt.

No spoilers, but, there’s TWO highly-requested improvements from UltraColor Soft that we think you’ll absolutely love. So buckle up, let’s get into it!

Before we start talking about how UltraColor Pro fits into the rest of the full color heat transfers available from Transfer Express, let’s touch on those TWO major improvements.

The first being, at lower quantities, it’s cheaper than UltraColor Soft. Available on the same 11.5 x 18” sheet size as Soft, at the same minimum of 6 pieces, the new UltraColor Pro is $4.66 LESS per sheet than Soft! That’s almost $30 in savings on your order right there at the minimum quantity!

As you go up in quantity the pricing equalizes out and there’s less than a 10 cent difference pretty much all the way up into the hundreds.

The big difference though, is that UltraColor Pro is a HOT PEEL transfer. No more waiting for UltraColor Soft to cool down before you remove the carrier. You can pull it off right when the press opens, speeding up your large printing runs.

The hot peel also eliminates the need to use a cover sheet, however one is still included with your transfers if you want to cover and repress your transfers if you notice any of the adhesive outline with the first press.

Now you may be thinking ‘Dave, this sounds great! Why would I use UltraColor Max or UltraColor Stretch ever again?’ Well, it all comes down to the specifics of your project.

Max is still there for your lower piece orders. Using the example of a standard 11 x 11” print, Max is still less expensive up until we get to 24 quantity, and that’s not considering the other goodies you can pack onto the gang sheet, things like inside tags or left chest prints. However, with UltraColor Max being priced by the square inch, it’s priced differently than Soft, Stretch or Pro with the sheet pricing. So, it may depend on the size of your artwork. You can always swap between the full color transfer types right here in the bottom left of Easy View® online designer at Transfer Express to see what’s going to be the most economical transfer choice for your project.

Now, UltraColor Pro is kind of a replacement for UltraColor Soft, but soft isn’t going anywhere soon as we want you to be able to support your customers who have ordered it in the past and want that identical look and feel. Which, let’s talk about the difference in feel here. With the Pro, it still has a nice matte finish with no shine, but it isn’t quite as soft to the touch with that velvety feel to the print that Soft has. But as you can see here, to the camera and to the eye, they appear to be almost identical.

Since they’re both hot peels now, you may be wondering what the big difference between the new UltraColor Pro and UltraColor Max is. Well, it’s not just the pricing, but UltraColor Pro is ordered just like Soft, with no need for print ready artwork.

Any design changes, edits or low resolution in your image will be handled by us, free of charge on UltraColor Pro orders. So if UltraColor Max is showing some areas of concern on your artwork in the heat map step, you can avoid that additional proofing charge by swapping to UltraColor Pro.

Ordering is simple and easy! Just like any of our other transfer types, you can design your t-shirts online in the free Easy View online designer at or, just upload your own artwork and arrange your designs onto gang sheets.

Just select your transfer type from the bottom left- UltraColor transfers are listed under the full color option in print method, and then you’ll see UltraColor Pro right here under the product type.

Switching between these product types is how you can easily compare pricing for your project like I mentioned earlier, too. Right from the designer, you can set your product details, your quantity and then even check your fabric compatibility. Once you’re all set, just click next to review all your specs, then add your order to your cart and checkout!

UltraColor Pro transfers ship in two business days if ordered before production cutoff. And now that they have arrived, let’s apply them!

You’ll notice these transfers come in a resealable bag with a gel pack - keep these! For long shelf life, this is the best way to store your UltraColor Pro transfers ensure they stay fresh and ready to apply down the road.

Now, we’ll check the application instructions. Here you’ll notice two different application instructions dependent on the fabric you’re printing on. We’re going to be doing a cotton shirt today, so we’ll defer to the higher application temperature here. So back to the heat press, let’s dial in these settings.

340-360 degrees, 10 seconds with a medium to firm pressure, so we’ll aim for a 7.

Load the shirt, pre-press, lay transfer down, no need for a coversheet, apply for 10 seconds, and peel hot!

Talk about results - matte, minimal clear outline, smooth, simple and easy application.

On some colors and weaves of fabric, the clear outline may be more pronounced than others. To reduce the appearance of this, we include a cover sheet if you want to press your transfer again. Just cover the print and press the transfer again for 4-6 seconds.

There you have it, a beautiful, durable full color print!

Just to recap everything about UltraColor Pro:

  • Hot peel
  • 11.5 x 18 sheet size
  • Unlimited colors
  • Fine detail
  • Free floating text
  • Minimum quantity of 6 sheets
  • Screen printed adhesive for long-lasting print
  • Wash tested to 50+ wash/dry cycles
  • 290° Low temperature application for synthetics
  • 340-360° high temp for cottons and blends
  • No weeding, transfers come ready to apply
  • Perfect for: larger runs, full size artwork with 3 or more colors in the design

You can request free samples of the new UltraColor Pro heat transfers right here.

We’re pretty excited about this evolution in the UltraColor heat transfer family and I think you’re going to love ‘em too!

Here at Transfer Express we’re dedicated to helping you and your t-shirt business succeed with tons of inspirational ideas, marketing tips and tricks, heat transfer application education and so much more.

Be sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all the new videos we’re dropping weekly. Until next time, I'm Dave, happy pressing!

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