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Screen Printed Transfers, DTF Transfers, & More

What Is A Screen Printed Transfer? | Plastisol Ink Heat Transfers Explained

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New to heat printing t-shirts with a heat press?

Maybe you're looking to upgrade from your Cricut and heat transfer vinyl? Or, maybe you saw someone printing transfers on Tik Tok that looked too easy to be true?

Well, you're in the right place, because today we're diving into what is a screen printed transfer. At Transfer Express, we've been the leading supplier of custom screen printed transfers for over 30 years.

Join Dave as we cover what is a plastisol transfer, how you can use them (and gang sheets) and we'll even show the easy application with these ready-to-apply heat transfers.

Screen printed plastisol transfers are the easiest way to print t-shirts. Not only do they use the same plastisol flexible and durable inks traditionally used to print onto t-shirts, but they take 90% of the work and learning curve out of starting your own t-shirt business - from home, a dorm room, a basement or even a closet!

You can design t-shirt artwork online for free and then receive ready-to-apply transfers with no weeding required.

Screen printed transfers look, wash, wear and feel exactly like a screen printed t-shirt. They're wash tested to 50+ wash/dry cycles to ensure durable, long-lasting printed t-shirts. Our Goof Proof transfers are, by far, the most popular heat transfer option - most likely exactly what you're looking for with an easy-to-apply heat transfer that feels like a soft hand screen print.

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