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The Best Blank T-Shirts for Printing in 2022 | Clothing Lines, Custom Printing & Brands

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Hey friends! Dave here from Transfer Express. Today, we are going to talk about the top blank garments that we absolutely love for apparel printing.

When it comes to heat transfers, screen printing, direct to garment or anyway you can put ink on a t-shirt, getting a quality canvas is always the first step. As a custom decorator, it’s a good idea to offer your customers different options at different price points to help accommodate their budgets and needs so you can close those sales.

To make it simple for you and your customers we’ll break down our apparel styles into 3 tiers: Basic, Fashion Forward, and Premium. So are you ready, let’s get shirt done!


Coming in first at the basic tier is going to be the Port & Company PC54 Core Cotton Tee. The PC54 is offered in over 50 different color ways, so odds are the color of blank your customer needs will be available in this style.

While most colors are 100% cotton, some neons and heathers are 50/50, so that’s something to watch out for if you’re worried about heat sensitivity. We haven’t had a problem with them yet. The 100% cotton shirts are 5.4 ounce so it's a bit on that heavier side, but it’s still comfortable to wear with that classic loose silhouette fit.

A great feature of this shirt, and all the shirts we will talk about today, is the tear away tag, which allows you to easily rebrand the shirts with your own custom tags. Adding custom tags is a great low cost trend that has been growing for over a year now. If you have never done this before, we have a video linked right here that will show you how to do it.

Anyway, back to the PC54, by far the best part about this crewneck tee, is the cost. Coming in at the $2-$3 range, the PC54 is currently the most affordable tee we offer from the wholesale apparel section at But just because it’s affordable, does not mean it’s poor quality, in fact it’s quite the opposite. The PC54 is a durable good quality promo t-shirt or standard t-shirt for a variety of uses, from employee uniforms, promotional t-shirts, streetwear and more.

Fashion Fit:

Alright, bumping up into that fashion forward tier is going to be the District DT104 Perfect Weight Tee. All the colorways are 100% ring spun cotton, so it can take on higher application temperatures without any scorching with heat application. At 4.3 ounces, the shirt is much lighter than the PC54 with 32 singles.

While it’s not super-fitted, it has a little more of an athletic look with it’s 1X1 rib knit neck and shoulder to shoulder taping.

Coming in a little bit higher on price than the PC54, it’s still a relatively affordable option, and is a great value if you want a more premium feel of a tee at a price that can fit in anyone’s budget.


Alright, let’s move into the top tier where we have two great premium options. Starting off is the Next Level 3600. This west-coast casual-cool ringspun cotton crewneck tee gives a more fitted style with it’s 3/8” shoulder to shoulder binding.

Most colors are 100% cotton, with exception again to neons and heathers which are 90/10. It’s only 4.3 ounces so it feels very lightweight with 32 singles for that premium feel.

It’s priced a little higher, so while it’s a little bit more over the Port and Company or District for a blank tee, it’s a decent value if you are looking for that more premium fitted style without paying a premium price.

Finally, let’s talk about that industry standard for blank, premium t-shirts you can print, and that’s the Bella Canvas 3001. This side seamed crewneck is a super lightweight 4.2oz ringspun cotton tee with 32 singles.

One of the reasons why we love the Bella Canvas is that the stitching is extremely consistent, which makes it super easy to line up on press everytime. It’s available in pretty much the same price point as the NextLevel, and just like the NextLevel, we believe it’s worth every penny.

You can easily order at under wholesale apparel. Purchase one or many, without needing to put your tax id or business information like other wholesale sites.

All you need is a Transfer Express account. Shop by style and see stock levels, then Add items to your cart. BOOM - done.

Do you have a favorite blank that you think we should include? Let us know!

Be sure you’re subscribed to our Transfer Express YouTube page to stay up to date on all of the t-shirt business tips we’re dropping every single week!

But, until next time, I’m Dave - happy pressing!

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