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Top 10 Transfer Express Questions

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Hey friends, Dave here with Transfer Express, and today we are going to be diving into the top  

10 questions that we get asked most often. So, whether you are a seasoned Transfer Express pro or brand new to the heat printing industry, there's going to be something for you in this video. We've got a ton of stuff to cover so let's get started!

Heat transfers and the apparel decorating industry can be overwhelming at times... especially if you are just getting started. There's a lot to learn and take into consideration, not only with the heat presses, but all of the different transfer types, design placement, and of course, blank apparel.

Watch the video to get answers to these top questions!

#1 Can I use an iron as a heat press?

#2 What transfer should I use?

#3 How much do transfers cost?  

#4 What is a gang sheet?

#5 How fast do the transfers arrive?

#6 How do I order?

#7 How long do the transfers last?

#8 What size should I make my design?

#9 What is Easy Prints or Easy View?

#10 Why does my heat press leave a mark on my t-shirt?

Now we couldn't limit the list to just 10, so here is one more bonus question.
#11 How do you know that your design is centered?

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As always, we are happy to help in any way we can for the apparel decorating community.