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Screen Printed Transfers, DTF Transfers, & More

Custom Tagless T-Shirt Neck Labels | Relabeling Custom Printed Apparel

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In this video, we cover the most cost-effective way to private label your printed clothing and apparel.

Removing the manufacturer's label and inserting your own printed back neck label is one of the easiest steps you can do to increase the value of your products and your brand.

We'll cover everything you need to know in this video: starting with what information is legally required on your apparel tags from the FTC (at least for apparel sold here in the United States).

We'll also talk about our favorite blank wholesale apparel styles with tear away labels, what size and dimensions you should make your tagless inside label prints, and then we'll cover some simple and common printing techniques and transfer types for you to use.

We feature the Goof Proof screen printed transfers in this video for their ease-of-use as the fastest screen printed heat transfer to apply on the planet.

Screen printed transfers give you the same look, feel and durability as a traditional screen print- all without the mess of emulsion, screens, setup and all that chemical cleanup.

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