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How To Print on Spandex, Lycra & Elastane | Custom Heat Transfers That Stretch

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Hey friends! Dave here from Transfer Express. Today, we’re getting stretchy with some tips for using your heat press to decorate on spandex, also commonly known as elastane or the brand name lycra. Spandex is definitely one of those synthetic materials that’s popping up in more and more garments these days because of its incredible stretch and elasticity- giving soft premium garments a little more give, made really popular in recent years by athletic wear. A lot of decorators will avoid these synthetic materials because of heat sensitivity or print durability issues, but have no fear, we’ve got some heat transfers that are exactly what you’ll need for effortless applications. Let’s get to it!

So there’s two great heat transfer options that you can use for printing on spandex, and they’re both full color transfers- that means that the price stays fixed regardless of the amount of colors in your designs. Which one you use will depend on a just a couple variables- the size of your design and what quantity you need.

For low quantity decoration, UltraColor Max™, is going to be your best bet. This direct to film heat transfer offers limitless color and detail along with no minimums in a low temperature, hot peel heat transfer. Priced at just 6 cents per square inch you can purchase any size, single image or gang sheet up to 22 x 22”. There’s no clear outline around the transfer and has a sharp edge with opaque colors and whites- making it a popular choice for apparel decorators. 

For higher quantities, UltraColor Stretch™ provides industry leading stretchability in the print- allowing for that extra movement that spandex fabrics have. Available on 11.5 x 18” gang sheets, you have great durability on a variety of stretch materials. Once great feature of UltraColor Stretch™ is that it is available with an optional dye blocker to prevent dye migration on sublimated garments.

Let’s Print Em!

As always, be sure you’re subscribed to our Transfer Express YouTube page to stay up to date on all of the t-shirt business tips, tricks, and inspiration we’re dropping every single week! But, until next time, I’m Dave, happy pressing!

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