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Printing QR Codes on Apparel | QR Codes on T-shirts, Hoodies & More

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Hey Fam, Vince here from Transfer Express, and today, we’re talking QR codes. Yeah, those fun little scrambled bar codes you see almost everywhere these days are a great way to easily link to your website or social media from anything in real life.

Sure they’re great to pull up the menu at your favorite restaurant, but why are we talking about these in terms of t-shirts? Well buckle up, and we’ll find out….

QR codes on printed apparel are just packed with so much marketing potential for you or your customers. From linking to your brand’s website, to social media or pretty much any content, you can print them on the outside, included in the artwork on the front of the shirt as part of the design, or easily link your website on the inside tag print for repeat business- really, the sky's the limit!

For promotional shirts, or events, you can make the QR code large as the main part of the design to spark curiosity. Events? Link the schedule right on the shirt for easy access! Printing for bands? Link their music right on it too… you really can get creative.

But, before we go to print, we’ll need to create a QR code. Luckily, there’s a few different free QR code generators out there, with some services even tracking how many clicks (or scans) your code receives. If you’re real digitally-inclined, you can even setup tags to track in Google Analytics.

Once you have your QR code all set, you can upload it into Easy View online designer to add to your gang sheet.

Next up, is choosing the right transfer type. This is important to note, as the size you need your QR code printed may determine which transfer type you need.

QR codes need clean, clear, defined edges to scan, so at smaller sizes, screen printed transfer inks may not be clear. You should keep your QR code larger than 1.5” for best results with Goof proof, Hotsplit, or Elasti Prints transfers.

Our digitally-printed full color transfers like UltraColor Max or UltraColor Pro are perfect for pretty much any size - even the smallest size we tested here at just half inch by a half inch scanned perfectly.

It also helps to have the white behind the QR code too- it helps with the contrast so your phone recognizes it quickly, but without it, we had good results, too.

Now, we need to mention file types too - while png or jpegs of QR codes will work fine for the full color transfer types, try to use a vector format, like SVG when you’re using screen printed transfers. This will help save some money on your transfers and ensure your QR code scans after being printed.

Even printing QR codes on apparel is super simple. Here, we’ll use our UltraColor Max transfers, that apply on almost every type of apparel.

That’s it, as you can see, it’s really easy to put QR codes on your apparel, and the marketing potential for you and your customers is totally worth it!

Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all of the helpful educational and inspirational videos we’re posting every week. Until next time, I'm Vince, happy pressing!

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