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Printing Onesies & Baby Clothes With A Heat Press | Beginners & DIY

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Hey Friends! Dave here with Transfer Express and today we’re going to cover the advantages of using custom screen printed transfers for printing on toddler and baby apparel.

Now, regardless of if you’re custom printing or running your own Etsy shop, it’s safe to say that youth, toddler and baby items are quite popular and give any decorator a healthy profit margin.

For this video we’re going to dive into those profit margins and how you can minimize your print costs to maximize your profit, inspire some fun, creative ideas and print placements, then, we’ll even show off some tips and tricks into how we can easily use our heat press to decorate those tricky print locations that are close to buttons and seams. Let’s get into it!

First up, let’s talk about your print cost. For the examples we’ve got today, these are all screen printed using our custom screen printed transfers here at Transfer Express. All of our screen printed transfers (like Goof Proof, Hot Split or Puff inks) are exclusively available on what we call gang sheets. “Gang sheets” are the grouping of the same or different artwork all onto one sheet- which drops the print cost of each image down so you can maximize your profit. You pay for the sheet, not the amount of ink used, so use as much space as you want!

Gang sheets really come in for the win here on the toddler, youth and baby apparel because of the smaller sizing of the artwork. As you can see here on these gang sheets, we’ve got TONS of different artwork all nested nice and neat here on the sheet. For this one, we have 11 total images, which at a 12 sheet quantity, brings the price of each one of these prints down to just 45 cents! All sized for printing on bibs, onesies, pajamas, t-shirts and pretty much anything else that will fit under your heat press.

Now if you’re thinking “I don’t know how to use Photoshop to arrange artwork like that”, no worries! We have our completely free, Easy View online designer at Not only did we arrange all of the artwork for our gang sheet in there, but every element on this sheet was made from the thousands of customizable layouts, clipart and fonts that you can use! Side note: I come from a graphic design background and I LOVE Easy View for pulling quick layouts and customizing them. It just saves so much time over going into Illustrator and building designs from the ground up, and in this business, we all know time is money. We’re also constantly updating the artwork catalog every single week with new releases, so you’ll always find new, trendy designs.

Now let’s take a peek at some creative printed items!

All of these items are super profitable and look fantastic, but I want to show you some tricks for heat pressing items like these to avoid frustration and any ruined garments.

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