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Screen Printed Transfers, DTF Transfers, & More

How To Print Zip-Up Hoodies With Your Heat Press

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Heat printing hoodies doesn't have to be challenging- from pocket seams and obstructions like the hood or drawstrings, it's definitely not as easy as printing a t-shirt. Throw zipper hoodies into the mix and you've got yourself another obstruction in the form of a big bulky zipper you have to deal with.

Have no fear! Dave is here to help show you some super simple hoodie printing tips that will have you printing over, above, behind or next to the zipper on pretty much any style of hoodie.

Regardless of if you're using heat transfer vinyl (HTV), screen printed plastisol transfers, sublimation, Direct To Film or any other type of transfer, these techniques will help you print custom apparel like a pro!

We are using Goof Proof screen printed transfers in this video here. These plastisol ink transfers apply in as few as 4 seconds, for a versatile, quick and retail-ready screen print.

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