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Designing & Printing T-Shirts for Birthdays and Occasions

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Birthday t-shirts are printed for people of all ages – kids and adults alike. From funny surprises and gifts to milestone birthdays, there are so many occasions that require some unique, custom t-shirts!

No matter if it’s a destination birthday, at home, or surprise party, there’s lot’s of different times when a birthday shirt would add some life to the party.

So today, we're diving into custom birthday t-shirts! Everything from designing your artwork, getting inspired by trending t-shirt designs and even screen printing t-shirts with just a heat press and Goof Proof screen printed transfers.

Regardless of if you are a seasoned t-shirt decorator or at-home hobbyist, you can easily follow along and design and print custom t-shirts for your clients, family or friends.

In this video we'll show you the entire process from start to finish, from building a completely custom design to printing a high-quality raglan shirt for an event.

We'll also show off some trending artwork and designs that were all created in the free online t-shirt designer, Easy View.

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