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Screen Printed Transfers, DTF Transfers, & More

Printing Pocket T-Shirts - On, Above and Under the Pocket with a Heat Press

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Pocket t-shirts aren't too difficult to print. With just a few simple steps and inexpensive tools, we'll show you how you can easily and accurately print on, under, or above any pocket on a t-shirt.

Pocket t-shirts are making a huge comeback, driven by popular oversized styles and garment dyed tees. Be prepared to print like a pro using just your heat press.

Follow along with Dave as we use a $3 mousepad to raise the printing area when printing screen printed transfers on pockets. Using the same tool to add a screen print above or even 'inside' the pocket for unique effects and placements that will help your t-shirts stand out!

With screen printed transfers you're also able to group multiple images on each sheet, also known as gang sheets, which drop the print cost and allow you to maximize your profits.

Custom printed pocket tees are a perfect example of this, because the artwork is typically 3 x 3", which allows you to fit a ton of artwork all on one transfer sheet.

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