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Printing Full Color Artwork On Tote Bags | Using UltraColor Max and UltraColor Pro Transfers

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Hey friends, Dave here with Transfer Express, and today, we’re talking tote bags! Specifically, the easiest way to put full color artwork on tote bags.

While also being easy, we’ll discuss which UltraColor® product here from Transfer Express is going to be the best bet depending on the scope of your project. Ready? Let’s get into it.

Today, our bag of choice is this awesome Port Authority B150 Budget Tote bag. An extremely affordable canvas tote, available in a couple of these cool two-tone colorways or a few select solid colors.

Now that we’ve got our bag, lets talk about what transfers we can use for full color or photographic artwork. UltraColor Max is your absolute go to for these full color graphics under 36 quantity.

UltraColor Max is a direct to film transfer, with vibrant colors, no clear outlines and simple 6 cents per square inch pricing. It's available as an individual image or gang sheet in any quantity up to 22" x 22”. It’s super simple to apply and works best on cotton, poly, blend fabrics, and spandex at just 290 degrees.

What’s great is that you can group a whole bunch of different designs of a whole bunch of different colors in low quantity all here on one sheet. We used our free, Easy View online designer at Transfer Express to arrange our artwork, all with quotes that update in real time based on the size of your project along with accurate turnaround times.

Now, if you need more than just a few, anything over 36 quantity threshold, will likely be more cost effective to switch over to our UltraColor Pro transfers. UltraColor Pro is a hybrid screen-printed and digital transfer, which is capable of some incredible detail and color while offering quantity price breaks on an 11.5" x 18” gang sheet.

UltraColor Pro does have a slight clear adhesive outline, but as you’ll see here, it’s almost invisible to the eye.

For our example today, let’s say we’ll be printing a whole bunch, so we’ll choose UltraColor Pro transfers.

Let’s head back on over to our heat press here and I’ll show you just how easy this is.

That’s a full color print on a tote bag. UltraColor transfers make it easy. No weeding, no aligning, and photographic elements are possible without expensive printers and ink- all we needed was a heat press and bam, we’ve got a quality result.

Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all of the helpful educational and inspirational videos we’re posting every week. Until next time, I'm Dave, happy pressing!

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