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Profitable Small Business Idea: Printing School Spirit Wear

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Hey everyone, Stefanie here from Transfer Express, and today, we’re talking about why you should be using custom screen printed and digital transfers for school spirit wear.

With the school year and fall sports in full swing, if you’re a custom decorator or even a small town brand looking for a hot-selling market, school spirit wear is a great way to pad the profit for any t-shirt business.

Ready to roll? Let’s get in the spirit!

Like I mentioned, school spirit wear is not just for custom decorators printing for schools, but if your brand focuses on any local-themes, you can get into the spirit and attract some of that same business with your brand. Many local schools don’t have trademarks on their names, but the majority of the time, something as simple as “panthers football” on a hoodie in the local colors can be a top seller.

Of course, as a custom decorator, getting work from your local school district can be highly lucrative. With big bulk runs and new kids every year, it’s a great gig to get. I don’t want to get into how to get school business, we actually have a whole other video on that right here.

You’ll find typically spirit wear revolves around the seasons and sports with different styles. As a decorator, tailoring your offerings can make you look like a pro! For Fall? Maybe some cozy crewnecks or hoodies, blankets, or even jackets. For winter? Definitely basketball season, where t-shirts, performance wear and indoor sports reign supreme. Spring? Time to bust out those light jackets, tees and tanks!

Regardless of the season, you’ll want quality prints that can be printed on a variety of different materials, from cotton, to polyester and even blends.

That’s where screen printed transfers come in. And with this handy what-to-use-when chart, you’ll always be selecting the best option for the job.

Another awesome aspect of transfers is that they’re great for those large, profitable, bulk runs we mentioned earlier, but they also are capable of producing the apparel on demand: where you order the apparel and transfers in, but only print the shirt once it’s ordered.

With school’s keeping their same colors for years, this can limit your risk if styles don’t sell, and then you can use the apparel for the next season. Neutral colors like heather, black and white also work well for when you’re printing on demand. Even in the worst case scenario, most apparel suppliers will take returns if the apparel really doesn't sell, but there’s typically a restocking fee.

As you can see, It’s easy to print and profit with school spirit wear.

But, thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all of the helpful educational and inspirational videos we’re posting every week. Until next time, I'm Stefanie, happy pressing!

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