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Printing for Custom Business Employee Uniforms | Profitable Market for Apparel Decorators

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Hey friends, Dave here from Transfer Express. And today, we’re talking about the huge profit packed potential in designing and selling employee uniforms.

Now uniforms are a large market in the apparel decorating industry because almost all businesses need them. Today, we are going to talk about the do’s and don’ts for creating uniforms for all businesses, big and small. So are you ready? Let’s get to work!

The most important thing you, as a decorator, need to do before you begin designing a company’s uniform, is to learn as much about the business as you can. It’s very important to ask your customer for details about their type of business, what the employees wearing the shirts do day to day, and where the shirts are going to be worn.

These questions are crucial because it will impact both the design and material decisions you make for the job.

For example, if the shirts are only going to be worn at one location, like a coffee shop or store, then just printing a logo will be fine. However, if their business is mobile, like contractors or landscapers, you’ll want to add more information as the shirts can act as a walking billboard.

Adding bullet points of services and contact info is a great idea for these type of businesses. Be sure to make the text big enough, too, so people can read the information.

Another aspect to consider when designing employee uniforms, is what type of garment you should select for their business. If the employees are working indoors in a retail store and it’s pretty light work, you’ll be able to get away with lighter and more premium garments. However, if the work is labor intensive, then you probably don’t want to be printing on premium garments like the Bella+Canvas 3001.

You’ll want to choose cheaper or more durable garments like the Port & Company PC54, that can be replaced for cheap or withstand heavy laundering. If the work is outdoors, you’ll also want to think about choosing a moisture wicking garment for the hot summer months.

You also want to think outside of just t-shirts. Food service jobs for example, could benefit from aprons. Outdoor workers could benefit from hats. Being able to offer additional accessories could help you upsell your customer into buying more from your business. One of the many benefits of using screen printed transfers from Transfer Express, is that you have the ability to use what we refer to as gang sheets. This will allow you to fit multiple different size designs onto one sheet, which gives you the ability to offer these different types of products and accessories with no added print cost.

As an example, check out this gang sheet we made on the free Easy View online designer for a customer with a Car Customs business. You can see we were able to fit artwork for a front left chest and full back t-shirt, and still had room left on the gang sheet to add in a hat print.

I hope this video helped you to feel confident in doing employee uniforms. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube for tons of helpful tips and tricks just like this. We are dropping new videos every week. But until next time, I'm Dave – happy pressing!

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