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Heat Printing For Winter Sports | Screen Printed Transfers Tips & Tricks

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As the weather gets colder in the fall and winter, of course we start thinking about the holidays. But as apparel decorators, what we should be thinking about are those winter sports and spiritwear!

From high-school, college and pro, there’s tons of sports action that heats up in the winter, and today we want to show you how with just a heat press and the wide variety of transfers. Here at Transfer Express, you can decorate everything from jerseys to warm up gear and even spiritwear for the fans.

With any athletic program, there's a wide variety of apparel needed for any season. From workout and team gear, to on-the-court jerseys and even spiritwear for the fans, you can decorate it all with just your heat press.

I want to show you some simple applications here on a basketball jersey, and we’ll also cover some of the different transfer types here at Transfer Express, as well as inspire some profit-packed business opportunities for your t-shirt business.

That’s all we’ve got for today. From jerseys to fan wear it’s just so profitable and easy to use custom transfers for decoration and personalization. With quick turnaround times it’s super easy to create premium-quality printed t-shirts on almost any last-minute project.

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Until next time, I’m Dave, happy pressing!

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