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Hey friends, Dave here with Transfer Express, and today we’re talking art. As a graphic designer myself, I want to share a super easy way that you can create professional looking t-shirt designs, all online and without any design experience- Oh, it’s free! Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s the Easy View online designer.

From quickly creating designs using one of the thousands of customizable t-shirt layouts and clipart in real time, to mocking up your designs with an entire blank apparel catalog integrated in, Easy view is the way to go for any type of apparel decorator or t-shirt business that’s got access to a heat press.

So, are Ready? Let’s design and print a t-shirt!

We’ve all been there: You’re asking a client what they want in a t-shirt design, and they say “hmm I don't know, but I’ll know it when I see it”...

Unfortunately, graphic design isn’t like scrolling Netflix looking for something to watch here, design time costs money, and it might take an hour or two to whip up some nice designs, even for the most proficient graphic designer- And then you still have to proof it and be sure it’s all set and exported in a print ready format.

So, this is where Easy View online designer comes in: You now have a full, customizable art catalog to browse right here at your fingertips, all organized by market.

From sports to schools to restaurants or family reunions, it’s all loaded in here and instantly editable to make it your own. All this with tons of powerful controls you don’t see in other free online designers. It’s really as easy as find and selecting a layout you like, Easy double click to change the type and font here too if you want, and then you can even change the letter spacing... What?! You can also Change and swap clipart or even upload your own art here too- say we just need to make this wildcat a panther, and bam, we made it happen, just by searching panther in the clipart library.

Seriously, with how quick it is to design here, you can offer design services for free to your customers- seriously giving you the competitive advantage over national online print shops, or any other printer. Allowing you to sell more and boost that incoming revenue!

Ok ok, back to the design, here with a few more clicks, we can change the background color for our t-shirt and even edit the ink colors we’ll be printing. Seriously, how easy and fast was that?!

Of course, we can click over here on the mockup tool here in the blue bar. Pulling up the ability to mockup our new design. Now we can search and select from an absolutely gigantic apparel catalog- by clicking right here on use apparel. Next level 3600? Its in here. Comfort Colors 1717? Yup. Bella Canvas 3001? Right here. You’ll notice that in most cases there’s 4 views too! A front and back with a model and then a flat front and back.

Drag and resize your art as needed, then you can even customize or turn off the watermark! From here, just download your artwork as a low-resolution mockup you can easily send right over to customers or list on your online store as a product photo! Pretty powerful, eh?

Well, there’s more- Easy View completely streamlines the ordering process here- allowing you to select from a whole range of different screen printed or digital heat transfer types to decorate apparel with! Oh and this art you created here? It’s print ready and good to go. No formatting or exporting needed! Not ready to order? No worries, you can save designs to your account and even create custom folders for easy organization!

From our popular goof proof screen printed transfers to the versatile UltraColor Max™ direct to film heat transfers, you can easily select between different transfer types right down here in the bottom left. You can input quantities and see your pricing update in real-time here along the bottom, with accurate turn times displayed so you never have to guess or try to calculate when your prints will ship!

With built in features like warnings if you’re close to a quantity break, because c'mon, who doesn't like saving money? It’s actually $18 less to just buy 3 extra transfers- (bumping 45 to 48) SCORE! Thanks Easy View!

Right on our page we have live proofing, and the ability to maximize the printing area on our screen-printed transfer sheet- adding as much artwork here that we can fit within the dotted line. As long as it's the same ink color, you won't see the pricing increase.

Of course, for full color transfers like UltraColor Max™, the pricing never increases for color, regardless of how many ink colors you have printing in your design. Perfect for complicated artwork or small quantities, but just not as cost-effective in higher quantities or single-color artwork like those screen-printed transfers.

The power is yours here, and it's easy to just click and compare. 

All that's left is to add to cart and wait for our transfers to arrive.

Here today we’re using the Goof Proof screen-printed transfers, those plastisol prints that look and feel like a screen print, all without the hassle of inks, emulsion, squeegees or cleanup. One color prints like these along with other popular transfers ship as quick as the next business day if ordered before production cutoff!

Next, all you need is a heat press to apply, prepress, Align the graphic on the shirt, and bam, in just 4-6 seconds we have a screen-printed t-shirt.

Before we wrap things up, I want to show you the idea book, a greatest hits catalog of the most popular and new, trending t-shirt designs loaded into Easy View, all color coded and organized by market. This is an incredible tool to have in your shop to browse artwork with a customer. As part of the marketing kit- that we’ll link right here this comes personalized to you and your business, making your startup or existing print shop streamlined and capable of meeting your customers' needs.

I do want to mention, there’s always a place for those super unique custom illustrations, great design and absolutely killer artwork that’s made by pros in software like adobe illustrator. As I designer myself, I still do a ton of work outside of Easy View, but I have to admit, a vast majority of the t-shirt artwork I design these days is created right here.

Those common requests like “oh just some curved text and a palm tree” designs take just a few clicks now, saving me tons of time. No need for purchasing premade designs or clipart, no need to learn advanced programs, and all without a subscription.

I’ve seen this tool change the game for everyone from entrepreneurs, Etsy shops, brands, bands, small businesses all the way to high-end boutiques. If you haven’t already, give it a shot, It’s free!

Seriously, try it out- If Easy View online designer doesn’t make designing t-shirts easy for you, you won’t have to pay a dime… well even if it does it’s still free. It’s always free. Here at Transfer Express, we’re all about seeing your business succeed!

Once you’re done designing, fire up that heat press and create something absolutely amazing.

As always, be sure to subscribe to the Transfer Express YouTube page, and to stay up to date on all of the helpful t-shirt printing tips, tricks, inspiration and education that we’re dropping every single week. Until next time, I'm Dave, Happy Pressing, and designing!

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