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Top 5 Tips For Etsy T-Shirt Store Success

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Hey guys, Dave here from Transfer Express and today I am joined by Jenna from Stahls’ TV.

And today we are covering the top five tips for your Etsy t-shirt store success.

We are going to dive into a few different topics here, going from audiences and your niche to creating products that your customers will crave, even talking about some pricing and kick-starting your sales.

So are you ready to dive in? I am and I'm really excited to talk about this topic because we get the question a lot from our viewers, or just anybody in the industry overall, about how they can get started selling online.

I think Etsy is a really great resource. It is a fantastic resource because it's got a built-in audience, an easy to use back end, and hosting your products is super, super easy and streamlined.

It also comes with low risk. You don't have a storefront and you're already getting that kind of marketplace traffic. There's people on Etsy already ready to buy.

It is really easy to market anything that you're selling through Etsy into other platforms, as well, so if you're just getting started online, Etsy is definitely a great resource. We are here to teach you all about it.

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