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How To Set Turn Times For Your Apparel Business

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Turn times can help your small business win over customers but unrealistic or inconsistent turn times can be hard to manage through your shop.

Just like pricing, you should set a standard for setting your turn times that is unified and consistent for all of your customers (and your own sanity!)

Running your small business, apparel brand or apparel decorating shop can be confusing at times, but setting your turn times shouldn't be!

In this video today we talk about how you can take your shops workflow and apply it to your turn times. From accepting a quote or a job from a customer to ordering supplies and production cut off times: There's a lot that goes into your turn times before you even have supplies ready to print.

Then once your apparel and custom heat transfers arrive, you still need to account for production time and making the UPS shipping deadline or pickup time for your customers.

If you're running your own t-shirt brand or printing apparel for your etsy shop, we even cover your production time and how you can manage your customers expectations too- From printing on demand to the supplies you need on hand to ship your orders next day, it's actually pretty easy with just a heat press.

Quick turnaround can win business from competitors, as apparel decorating and printing t-shirts is typically tied to an event or occasion. This is a perfect opportunity to shine! But, nothing can hurt your business more if you don't hit the date you promised to your customer.

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