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Custom Screen Printed Transfers & More

How To Print Apparel Samples to Help Your Business Sell More T-Shirts

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If you're looking for ways to wow your prospective customers, custom printed samples are the way to do it. Nothing else brings your customers' ideas to life quite like the real thing.

As an apparel decorator, owner of a t-shirt business or print shop, using samples like these could be your hidden secret to being able to land those customers you never thought you could.

With just a little marketing expense, you can pack a whole lot of potential on to one 22" x 22" sheet of transfers, just like we do in this video!

With UltraColor Max direct to film transfers, there's no minimum quantity and pricing is locked at just 6 cents per square inch for your own custom designs, allowing affordable prototyping and samples. With the effortless application with just a heat press, you can confidently decorate on polyester, cotton, cotton poly blends, triblend t-shirts and yes, even spandex.

To top it all off, we'll even print right on the cardboard box we're packing it all in to deliver to our customer!

Seriously, if you've got a heat press, you need to be using UltraColor Max direct to film transfers. They're great for low quantity, full color artwork. There's no clear outlines around your art, no weeding involved and these transfers can handle photos or gradients without issues.

Try them yourself, for free right here!

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