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Custom Screen Printed Transfers & More

Etsy Trends for 2022 | Printed Apparel & T-Shirt Ideas + Inspiration

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Want to know what styles, trends and markets to target for the best success on Etsy?

Look no further, today we're covering audiences and niches to target, those trending styles for this year, and design aesthetics that will fly off the shelves.

Etsy is the perfect place for small and at-home businesses to sell more printed apparel. Whether you're offering custom printing, personalization or selling your own awesome designs, we want to equip you to have the best year ever.

Join us for some helpful tips to get you equipped and prepped for success selling printed apparel on Etsy! From the most popular niches you can target, to trending styles and aesthetics, then we’ll even cover how you can easily create similar looks for your own products.

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