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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Relabeling Your T-Shirts: Inside Tag Printing, Private Labels & Branding

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Hey Friends, Dave here with Transfer Express and today we’re diving into seven reasons you need to be relabeling and branding your blanks! It might be more important, and easier to do than you think!

Let’s get right to it!

Whether you’re a custom decorator or running your own brand, relabeling garments can be incredibly valuable to your brand.

As a custom decorator, suggesting or offering this print location can add revenue to your business with extra services as well as benefit your customers in the reasons we’re about to cover.

Now, utilizing a heat press for these applications is going to be the easiest and quickest way to add these locations without reduced spoilage or misprints. Back in my ink-slinging days, I remember we ruined a whole bunch of very expensive championship fleece jackets with smeared screen prints on the inside tag… no good!

You can utilize a heat press with a platen like the Tag Along HP where you can add the inside branding location in the same press as the front of the t-shirt, adding zero additional work other than pulling the collar up around the platen. But, cap heat presses work incredibly well, too, if you’re using another print method to produce the main print on the front of these tees.

We feature the Tag Along HP platen and more in this video about ‘how’ to relabel with a heat press, but let’s jump into the ‘WHY’ here today.

I don’t want to discount custom woven labels. Those will be the most premium option, but many decorators or brands don’t have the capabilities or budgets to have the woven labels produced and then sewn in to the garments. Printing on the inside has become somewhat of the norm for many brands, as it provides the same benefits at a much lower cost.

So, lets get to the list! First up for our reasons why:

Higher perceived value, or what I like to call, the retail-ready look!

Relabeled garments with well-designed inside tags can convey a sense of premium quality. This perceived value can justify higher price points at retail, helping independent brands compete in the market and haul in some profits. Go look at any major brand or t-shirts on the shelves at any store. Odds are, every single one of them is going to be branded with either a custom woven or printed inside tag. I even picked up a t-shirt from a BBQ place down in Texas and it even had an inside tag print!

Next, number 2, brand identity and recognition.

Anyone wants their brand to stand out and be memorable. Relabeling those blank garments with inside tag prints allows apparel decorators and independent clothing brands to establish a distinct brand identity. This helps in creating brand recognition among customers, making it easier for them to associate the product with the brand and not your product with Gildan, Hanes or Bella+Canvas. Those printed shirts are now your brand's, no one elses.

Third, storytelling and brand connection.

This one is fun because this is your opportunity to put your brand’s voice or values forward. All about having fun? Making a fun joke on the inside of the tees is a great way to relate your brand to your customer. It’s a little hidden Easter egg that brings you a little closer to your customers.

Maybe your brand is focused on sustainability or giving back. Adding a short blurb in there about why you do what you do can be a brand connection that puts you above in a crowded market.

Next, marketing potential.

Inside tag prints can serve as an additional space for marketing messages, website URLs, or social media handles. We’ve seen an increased use of QR codes pointing to online stores, social media or to special interests or charitable causes. This provides a subtle, yet effective way, to promote the brand or values and drive engagement long after the t-shirt is sold.

For custom decorators, this is where your own inside branding can come in for those sponsorship jobs or huge events, things like 5k runs, holiday markets or sporting events. Getting your name out there with marketing meant for the wearer can help you get new customers down the road. I like to think the average person has the need for custom apparel at least once every 3 years, whether it be for uniforms, a family reunion, a company picnic or what not. Having your brand in your closet is always a step in the right direction.

Fifth, care instructions.

You want your customers to enjoy those t-shirts long into the future, and proper care instructions make that happen (even though most people ignore them). Machine wash cold with like colors, do not iron on print, air dry best, tumble dry low heat, whatever works best for your custom apparel is going to help your customers out.

Next, differentiation in saturated markets:

Set yourself apart in crowded markets like school spirit wear or local pride with the elevated retail look and feel. Or, if you’re a custom decorator, showing off or advertising you have the capabilities to add inside tag prints can help attract customers to you from your competition (or online print shops) that don’t offer branding opportunities like these.

Lastly, comfort!

Woven or sewn in labels are typically the first thing that gets removed from a t-shirt, whether torn out or cut out. Printed inside labels don’t scratch or itch when worn. In fact, because of the small type, in most cases you can’t feel it at all.

As always, we’re happy to help apparel decorators of all sizes succeed, and here at Transfer Express, we’re kicking out new helpful, inspirational and educational videos every single week. But until next time, I'm Dave - happy pressing!

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