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The EASIEST Way To Design & Print T-Shirts

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I want to show you the quickest and easiest way that you could design and print your own t-shirts.

The only thing you need is a heat press.

We are using screen printed transfers which apply in just four seconds with a retail-ready look, feel and washability of a traditional print.

And there it is – a screen printed shirt that you can make yourself without the investment into expensive printers or machines, inks or emulsions, and that learning curve of traditional screen printing.

Hey there! I'm Dave with Transfer Express and we are the world's leading supplier of

custom screen printed and digital heat transfers. Since 1991, we've helped over

300,000 people just like you, start and run their own profitable t-shirt business from their own home.

So let me show you just how easy it is. Seriously, anyone could do it.

Let's jump on over to and get started.

Here you could design your custom t-shirt graphics online in our free robust Easy View online designer. Even if you have zero graphic design experience, we have over 10,000 customizable layouts and clip art that you can use for free.

Look how easy it is to just swap out some text or clip art and change a few of these pre-loaded artwork templates to fit your specific needs.

With just a couple clicks and a few minutes, you could have a fully customized graphic ready to go.

No subscription necessary and no apps or additional programs you need to download and learn how to use.

Even if you are a designer, you could easily upload your own files in almost any format to create one-of-a-kind, easy t-shirts.

The real profit building benefit here is what we call gang sheets.

At Transfer Express, we sell all of our screen printed transfers by the 11.5” x 14” sheet, so the more artwork you could fit on there, the more bang for your buck.

Here we have some front or back prints, a left chest print, and even a sleeve print artwork all grouped together on this sheet, making each print incredibly affordable.

With minimum quantities as low as six pieces, limited runs are super accessible and affordable.

Once we're done, we can even mock up the artwork onto a t-shirt so we can see exactly how our project will turn out. A couple of clicks and we are all set, ready to check out.

One color screen printed transfers from Transfer Express ship as quick as one business day, so you're not waiting long and you won't have to sit there weeding vinyl or buying any expensive substrates.

These transfers come ready to apply. Now that we've got our transfers all cut out let's head back to our heat press here and I'll show you that they are just as easy to print as they were to design.

With heat printing, there are three elements: time, temperature, and pressure.

We could set our time and temperature here on our press for our Goof Proof screen printed transfers.

It's 365 degrees for four to six seconds with a medium to firm pressure that we could set on our press right here with this pressure knob. We'll load our blank t-shirt onto the heat press, pre-press to remove any moisture and wrinkles, and then we'll take our transfer and lay it down right here for a traditional center chest front print, pressing for just four seconds. We’ll peel the carrier paper away immediately and here it is – a screen printed t-shirt.

What's great about using screen printed transfers is not only the quality of the print, but that it could be done on demand so you could stock up on the blanks and only print your designs when needed, eliminating that expensive upfront cost or inventory with printed designs that may not sell.

It's just super low risk and you're not spending thousands of dollars on those expensive direct-to-garment printers and inks.

Now, you could get started with a quality heat press for just a few hundred dollars and order transfers only when you need them. No need to stock inks, vinyl or other substrates. Let Transfer Express take care of all of that for you.

If you want to learn more, head on over to for some free samples.

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube for tons of helpful tips and tricks and feel free to contact us. Call us or email us.

But until next time, I'm Dave – happy pressing!