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Custom Screen Printed Transfers & More

How To Sell More Custom Printed Apparel: Using The Idea Book and Marketing Kit

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Hey Friends! Dave here with Transfer Express and today, we’re talking about how you can use the Transfer Express Marketing Kit to sell more custom printed apparel.

This is super powerful for small businesses just getting started, or existing decorators looking to expand their business and grow their profits with new opportunities and markets.

While we’re going to be covering the benefits of how the marketing kit will help you and your business, we won’t be diving into everything that’s included. We have another video covering the basic contents.

However, we are going to be diving a little bit deeper today into the Easy Prints Idea Book - the heart of the marketing kit. The Idea Book included here in the marketing kit is customized to you or your business, completely hiding any Transfer Express branding and making your business, no matter how big or small, look fully capable in your artwork and decorating capabilities.

The real first step is understanding what’s here in the Idea Book. The Idea Book is essentially a catalog of customizable artwork that corresponds to the Easy View online designer- easily referenced by these numbers underneath each image.

This personalized Idea Book is similar to the black and white version included with our general sample pack, however this one in full color has all of the Transfer Express branding removed. We also have unbranded black and white versions to lend out to your customers- one of them is included here in the marketing kit, but sometimes your customers wont give it back- so in that case you can pickup spares starting at just $2 a piece.

Of course, if you’d like to browse online, the Idea Book is always available as an online flipbook at

Inside here, you’ll find a table of contents for the different sections and then some helpful pages on how to use the book- If you want, you can remove these when you’re going to present artwork to a customer. Of course, that’s the beauty of this book in a full binder form - removing pages or sections helps narrow the selections down based on the customer you’re meeting with.

Say, if you’re meeting with a school, keep the school section and maybe sports, but you can remove the work and occasion sections.

Of course, we list out all of the standard inks available for screen printed transfers and their pantone equivalents, also included in the marketing kit, the Color Selector swatch book shows you what these colors look like as real swatches of plastisol ink. You can see how much they differ here from the page.

Next, we’ve got the available number styles and colors, but again, if you’re not pitching to a team, you can remove the capabilities, or keep them in to show you can accomplish anything!

This is your Idea Book, customize it to make sense for you and your business.

The following sections here start to break out into the specific categories of artwork starting with basic layouts and building blocks and then to more specific market segments.

You can browse these sections with your customer and find the artwork they like the best. They may choose something outside of the category that fits them best and that’s ok!

Here, everything is customizable online- from fonts to clipart, colors and even placement. So say, your customer loves this basketball layout, QBK-285, but wants it to be a baseball instead. We can easily make it happen.

Like I mentioned earlier, all of the codes correspond with the designer online - so let’s pull it up. You can easily find them by clicking “add layout” here on the left side.

You may notice there's alot more artwork online than what fits in the Idea Book, as the printed catalog includes the most popular layouts that are the top picks. For deep dives, you can always come here online too (just as a side note, Easy View works great on a tablet, and there's even a nifty “Customer mode” that hides all Transfer Express branding and pricing so you and your customer can easily design on the fly.)

Next, we’ll click the top in our add layout menu search and type in QBK-285. Once this is in here, we can swap the basketball easily. We’ll click on the ball, and navigate here to the left side and click replace clipart. Here we can browse the clipart library, or search using the clipart catalog at the back of the Idea Book.

Say we want to replace with just a baseball, we can search X15A-224, the same way we pulled up a layout. Now most layouts are easily customized this way, however sometimes you want even more customization.

So say here in layout QBK-283, we wanted to swap the basketball for a baseball, but this shape is included in the clipart too… no worries! Here we can select the clipart and ungroup it and manually swap out this clipart. Once we ungrouped, we can select just the ball, and delete it. Then we can pull in our new clipart and bam, replace it.

Now, text can be changed, too, with just a double click, and you can even edit the fonts. Using the edit menu on the left hand side, we have a choice of over 250 fonts, most of which can be found at the back of the Idea Book.

Whatever your customer requests, you can make it happen. Changing the ink colors or even the background colors is as simple as finding the color you want and selecting the swatch.

To help you close sales, you can even take your artwork and mock it up so your customer can see exactly what their artwork will look like here on a real t-shirt. Just click the mockup icon here on the left side, and browse from a whole catalog of apparel styles. If you wanted a next level 3600, just search 3600 here, or upload your own picture to place your artwork. You can easily download it by using this button right here.

Once you’re all set, you can arrange your artwork for your custom heat transfers. If you needed any smaller prints or inside tags you can combine them all on one sheet (what we call gang sheets), add them to your cart and checkout all in one step.

I hope you’re confident in your apparel decorating capabilities. To have this entire designer and custom artwork catalog backing you up is a seriously powerful tool.

Of course, here at Transfer Express we’re rolling out helpful tips for all apparel decorators every week, so be sure you’re subscribed to stay up to date on the new videos we’re dropping every single week! Until next time, I’m Dave, happy pressing!

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