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The Top 5 TikTok Tips For Apparel Decorators | Best Practices & Tricks

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Hey Friends, Dave here with Transfer Express, and today we’re covering the top TikTok tips for t-shirt decorators!

TikTok can be a wild land of social media if you’re just getting on the platform but the truth of the matter is… we’ve seen SO many small businesses grow exponentially because of their visibility on the platform.

TikTok isn’t just for the kids doing those silly dances anymore. It can be a powerful marketing tool to help your brand get exposure, new customers and yeah, crush those sales, too! So whether you’re just getting started, or maybe you've been scrolling for months (or years), we’re going to get your business some momentum here and make a difference for your bottom line… Ready? Let’s hit it!

First tip: make sure you’ve got links back to your business or online shop in your profile.

Next, don’t be intimidated. Be authentic, be you, just create genuine content. Show off your products, what you do, the behind the scenes of creating designs or sketching and bringing the tee to life, your packaging, how you ship orders or even how you start the day.

There’s so much stuff on TikTok that’s a waste of time. If you’re showing the hustle behind being an entrepreneur or running a small business, you’re already creating more valuable content than 90% of the stuff on Tik Tok.

The best thing you can do is to then cue your posts up to the trending music and sounds. You can find these by clicking “add sound” and looking at the “TikTok Viral” category. You’d be surprised how much visibility a sound bite of a kid talking about how much he loves corn can bring your business. Hopping on these trends is easy, and incorporating your products into them in a fun way helps people who maybe otherwise wouldn’t see your brand, become your audience.

Be sure you’re including hashtags to tag your niche - are you making cute dog-lover shirts? Use those hashtags to get interests. TikTok is great because it shows you the popularity of each tag as you write it in the description.

Next, curate your feed with pinned posts on your profile. This lets you pick what videos are at the top of your feed. Think of someone just discovering you from a comment you left, or seeing your stuff then clicking to your profile. This is your opportunity to show the stuff that you want people to see first (so it should explain what your business does or what products you offer). You can choose up to three.

Most of the time this is the most popular videos you’ve made, which makes it easy because TikTok and its users have liked this content.

Now for creating videos themselves, we’ve found creating natively in the TikTok app works better than uploading videos from your camera roll or even editing from your computer. Use the edit tools and creator tools in the app itself to add music and captions, little emojis or gifs, even effects. You can watch a couple quick videos on it and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Go find businesses or profiles that you think share some of their audience with you and take note of what they’re using, or how often they're using captions or what sounds they're using.

Next, try to post consistently. Like with any social media, consistency and engagement reigns supreme. Comment, like and save videos you see, and it’s more likely others will do the same for your posts and profile. You’re not going to see success right away with TONS of views, but as long as you continue to post, you’ll see positive growth and views start rolling.

Some people say close the app for 30 minutes, some people say interact for 30 minutes after you post.

I will say, TikTok is not as volatile as it was a year or two ago - with it being much less likely to go viral, but it totally still happens everyday. If you’re not creating posts or videos… well, you don't have a chance.

The best advice is to just have fun with it - that mentality is contagious and if people see your brand as fun they’re much more likely to interact with it. Lean into what fits you the best, be it the creative side, the entrepreneur side, the financial side, whatever it is you like the most… I’d bet you’ll make the best content on it.

Be sure to subscribe to the Transfer Express YouTube channel to stay up to date on all of the helpful educational, instructional and inspirational videos we’re posting every week. Until next time, I'm Dave, happy pressing!

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